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After some time Microsoft makes available for download Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, their latest operating system. The update, as always, is made free of charge and is intended to improve the system by correcting errors and enhancing resources.

One of the most notable improvements, According to Microsoft, It would be in high definition content playback via HDMI. The audio would be the likely factor problems, According to her, affect every a small percentage of users of the system.

Para os usuários que adquirirem seus computers a partir de agora já contarão com o Windows 7 SP1 installed on their machines, you do not need to download and upgrade.

The interesting thing is that this time Microsoft decided to leave the Service Pack and lean. The version of 32-bit has 44MB and of 64-bit, 73,6MB, Unlike previous systems, usually, they had sizes above 400 MB.

windows 7 sp1 windows update

If you want to install SP1 on your machine open Start Menu and type update. In the list click Windows Update. Click on the button check for updates, Open the list of available updates and select the option Windows 7 Service Pack 1 then click OK. Don't forget this procedure, otherwise the update will not be installed, Once she is cleared by default.

Or, If you prefer, You can download the installation file separately (caso queira guardar como um backup ou instalar em other computers). These files are larger than the downloaded through Windows Update. Download using os links abaixo:

32-bit version [538MB]

64-bit version [903MB]

Obs.: You must have an authentic installation (original) of Windows 7 to install the update.

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