Microsoft Security Essentials 2 – Microsoft's free antivirus

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microsoft security essentials 2THE Microsoft Security Essentials 2 is the antivirus Microsoft's. Free, ele tem News interessantes em relação ao antecessor.

The first of these is that the software now solves one of your big problems: a complexa integração com os serviços que ele usa do sistema Windows, as the firewall and the Smart Screen Filter for Internet Explorer.

Now, the software asks for the user, during installation, If he wants to use the native Windows feature. The feature of IE, and integrated anti-virus automatically. Before, the two tasks were manuals. Therefore, If the user does not configure the Microsoft Security Essentials right, the PC was totally unprotected.

O antivírus também teve o sistema de protection contra malware aperfeiçoado. Now, It brings more tools and features to the user protects the PC Digital pest – in thesis, the new defense system is stronger than the previous.

The software is available for Windows XP systems, Vista and 7 of 32 and 64 bits. At first, Microsoft has released the program only in English, Portuguese and Chinese. To download it, the user must have an account on Windows Live (Hotmail or MSN).

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