Avant Browser 2010 – Fast browser based on Internet Explorer

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avant 2010O Avant é um browser que usa como motor o Internet Explorer. He's actually quite fast and hardly demonstrates instability or crashes in pages full of heavy scripts. These are the two main strengths of the program.

The browser is a tabbed interface well harmonious, that ends up leaving the right software intuitive and simple to use. On the interface of the program is easy to find RSS resources, os favoritos e a tool de busca.

The standout feature is the software that allows the user to create a profile on the website of Avant. Every time he goes on the internet using the browser, This profile is synchronized, storing bookmarks and RSS information, for example within a storage. This profile is available to Internet users access it remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Another great advantage of the browser is that it has support for skins. If Internet users seasick cara program, You can download a theme from the internet and change it completely.

Como os other browsers, Avant has resources to block pop-ups and navigation history, In addition to supporting 40 languages, including the Portuguese.

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