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The Caliber promises to be the sole Organizer and converter of formats for your digital e-books. And the list of supported formats, It is easy to say that he gives an account of the recado. Are 27 formats and among the most interesting are the Mobi, Azw and PDF.

Depois de adicionar vários documents é possível navegar por eles no estilo cover flow, as of iTunes. When the list becomes huge, a search and a list on the left side help organize by categories.

In the advanced options you can include metadata such as author, editor, title, tags, Publisher, date of publication, series, ISBN and comments. There is also a way of ranking with stars. A viewer can be triggered to check the details before you synchronize with the reader.

calibre ebooksA lista de apparatus compatíveis é grande e entre os mais conhecidos, are:

•    Amazon Kindle 1,2 or DX;
• Sony PRS 500 and Reader Pocket/Touch Edition;
• Apple iPhone/iTouch + Stanza;
•    Google/HTC Android + WordPlayer.

And the less known in Brazil:

• Bookeen Cybook Gen 3, Cybook Opus;
• Ectaco JetBook;
• Endless Ideas BeBook or BeBook Mini;
• Hanlin V3.

Vale ressaltar que é possível ainda ajustar o tamanho dos arquivos convertidos para other apparatus.

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