With help from parents, new website aims to map quality of Brazilian schools

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Cada vez mais as pessoas usam a internet para colher referências e opiniões de other usuários sobre produtos, companies, virtual stores, among others. And it is precisely to meet that demand that was recently created the site MelhorEscola.Net (, It intends to provide evaluations and comments from parents about schools from all over Brazil.

ensinoThe site has in its database the 195 thousand basic education institutions registered in the MEC (Ministério da Education). Among the information's address, total number of students, students por sala, disapproval rate, abandon rate, average rating in Enem, In addition to facilities such as library, laboratories, nursery, internet, blocks, etc.

“Agora queremos mapear a qualidade da educação nas escolas brasileiras. To do this, It is essential the participation of parents, with reviews and comments of the colleges where your kids go to school and who have passed away. In this way it will be easy to filter out companies with good rates of satisfaction ", explains Sérgio Andrade, one of the founders of MelhorEscola.Net.

To evaluate, the surfer, After performing the registration on the website, must choose at the top between private or public schools and what type of teaching (childish, elementary or middle). Just below, need to enter the name of the institution you want to get. To enter the page of the College, just click on the "Evaluate this school", on the left side.

“É uma tool que deve ser usada não apenas para criticar, but also compliment when appropriate and suggest improvements. Because those comments will be seen by all, even by the professionals responsible for establishments, You can management decisions based on customer satisfaction ", says Sergio Andrade.

"Public authorities may also use the site's comments to resolve individual or regional issues pertaining to the quality of education of their schools. I.e., win the parents, students and education in the country ", complete the founder of MelhorEscola.Net.

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