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Self-knowledge is important, for example, so we know our qualities and defects. When the topic is the entry into the labour market, becomes even more important to have science of own potential to achieve the objectives. How do you evaluate in relation to their knowledge, perante other candidatos? A pergunta foi realizada pelo Núcleo Brasileiro de Estágios – Nube, between the days 14 and 25 de janeiro, and counted on the participation of 5.558 young, across the country.

auto-confiancaNo better, or worse. A maior parte dos students imagina deter o mesmo nível de preparação, If compared to other. With the accession of 3.667 of respondents (66%), "I'm on average" occupied the first position among the preferences. Already 1.474 (27%) showed confidence, by choosing "I'm above average".

According to the training coordinator of Nube, Eva Buscoff, It is important to the candidate a job internship or job if you make a Word, above all other: qualification. "The research has revealed a curious situation. Many young people to imagine at the same level of other. However, to succeed in a disputed selection, é de suma importance apresentar diferenciais”. On the subject, the coordinator adds: "Be one of the best must be the focus and, for such, nothing like renew from parallel courses and a good learning experience in the classroom ".

In the third and fourth place arise those adapted to the idea of having a smaller fitness to face a group dynamics or selection process. Among voters, 239 (4%) If you can imagine "below average" and 178 (3%) "Very deficient". Compliance is a synonym for unpreparedness, in the search for an opportunity. The path, According to expert Eva Buscoff, is to invest in the potential to recover the interior condition. "If the student imagine having knowledge and preparation reduced if compared to other, your planning should include lectures related to your ideal career, workshops and trainings on the same line, In addition to talk with experienced professionals in your area ", Eva concludes.

The secret is not just believe in yourself, but also roll up their sleeves, Since the first day of school, to absorb the words of professors and masters which will meet in their academic enterprise. Assim o candidato aproveitará os bons ensinamentos e increaseá as suas chances de construir uma trajetória de sucesso.

By Eva Buscoff, training coordinator

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