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Queremos SaberTHE Community ativista Transparência Hacker criou um site que dá acesso a 5.661 public agencies. O intuito é increase a comunicação entre a população e seus governantes.

The Internet user enters the page, Selects which organ or communicate and write your question or request. When a response is received, the site publishes it and warns the requestor via e-mail. If the answer is unsatisfactory, the person may come with a feature or fire the Prosecutor, directly by the site.

Of 120 applications filed in 12 primeiros dias do site — boa parte sobre informação de gastos e services públicos —, only seven had response. “Is within the expected, mas acredito que o retorno será mais fast com o passar dos meses”, says Daniela Silva, one of the responsible for the initiative. Inspired by the English portal “What They Know” (“what they know”, in Portuguese), the “We Want To Know” came with the sanction of the law of access to information, que obriga que qualquer dado não considerado ultrassecreto pelo Government seja liberado ao público. Os órgãos governamentais têm até 18 May to adapt to the new legislation. To access the site, Click here.

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