Distance education costs on average $ 4,87 per hour

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Students afastados de grandes centros, com necessidade de horários flexíveis ou que buscam preços mais acessíveis impulsionam o growth do ensino remoto no Brasil. A 1ª Pesquisa Guia EaD sobre Education à Distância (, with 18.183 courses offered by 297 entities, does an x-ray of the segment by analyzing statistics on the profile and March costs 2013.

Educacao DistanciaIn terms of cost, the survey identified an average value of R $ 4,87 por hora-aula. Behind the statistics, There is great variation of prices. Many establishments offer free short modules to accelerate accession to the method. On the other hand, specific themes, as social security legislation or E-Commerce, can overcome $ 100 por hora-aula.per hour-class

In the analyzed sample, the courses in the Humanities corresponded to 95% of the total, While Exact biological and had the weight of 2,5% each. The indicator shows the distance barrier, When there is no need for classes in laboratories and greater interaction with the Faculty.

The analysis of the level of education shows that the pre-entry examination held 89,7% of the offer, followed by graduate (6,0%), free (2,5%), graduation (1,1%), Master's degree (0,4%) and other (0,3%).

For the curricula in which fits the requirement, a maioria presents reconhecimento do MEC, with the exception of the master. The Government's approval rating is 59% at graduation, 71% in grad school and 48% in the master. Such indicator is relevant, because it demonstrates the maturity of the industry. The research found no correlation between cost and certification by the MEC.

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