Games shop innovates with space for events in Curitiba

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gamerA maior loja de games de Curitiba e região, the NEXT, brings a novelty to curitibanos passionate game. Quem realiza festas de aniversário e other eventos em uma das três salas interativas dedicadas ao universo gamer da loja do bairro Champagnat passa a contar com um service de buffet oferecido pela própria loja. "The idea is to generate greater comfort and maximum fun in our living rooms, that rely on games and consoles PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii ", Caio Junqueira account, Business Director for physical retail of NEXT.

"Our store Champagnat has three complete rooms so that gamers can have fun with your friends and, a partir de agora, with the comfort of the caterer ", complete Junqueira. According to him, those interested in doing birthday parties and get togethers should contact the store Champagnat by phone (41) 3015-3292 or by email

General information

Zone de funcionamento: From Monday to Saturday from 10:0 at 22he on Sunday from 2:0 pm to 8:0 pm.

Location: NEXT-Champagnat Store (Al. Augusto Stelfeld, 1516, Curitiba, PR).

Email to contact:

Telephone contact: (41) 3015-3292 or (41) 3024-7078

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