New game simulates war between police and bandits in the slums of Rio

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A tense environment between the asphalt and the favela. É nessa atmosfera que se passa o novo game Favela Wars, produced by Nano Studio, where the player has about 15 minutes to wage war between cops and robbers. The game, available (for the time being) in beta, is played by the web and was born of a real situation, When the founder passed through dangerous times in Rio. To play, just login

Favela WarsThe initial inspiration came in 2011, When Dan Eisenberg, CEO of Nano, lived a memorable episode on the red line, some of the major expressways of Rio de Janeiro. Dan got stuck in traffic, alone, in broad daylight, next to a gunfight between gangsters and police. The solution that many drivers have adopted was out backwards amid the traffic jam and escape the scary feeling amid the silence clipped by noise of shots up close.

After an experience like that, many people would be traumatized. But the way he found to live with this nightmare was to adapt it and turn it into a strategy game. In practice, the game was born with the sponsorship of investors, We are partners of Nano Game Studio and played almost a million reais in the endeavor of the Favela Wars. Completely online and interactive, multiplayer, multi platform, and can be played on social networks, between friends.

The Favela Wars takes place in Brazil, in the year 2041, more precisely in Rio de Janeiro, in an environment of violence and urban warfare. But it's a fantasy game that includes the good and evil. Are heroes and villains of reality of Rio de Janeiro, in the best style Tropa de Elite. "After All, who will ever forget the fatal days accompanied by the TV as the installation of the UPP in German or Even jail in Rocinha?”, asked in rhetorical tone, Dan Eisenberg.

"If you think people who play video games, go around giving shot, then you also believe that whoever is playing Farmville on Facebook all day will turn farmer ", plays Dan still remembering the news and violent films.

The producer retains focus on items such as weapons and equipment, that can be purchased from the online store with credit card, prepaid card and via pay-pal, and throw some items to compose customized way each character, as team shirts, caps, among others. In the near future, the intention is to update the game with factual events that actually refer to reality. Versions for iOS and Android also coming soon.

The soundtrack draws attention and was inspired in Brazil, mixing the sound of capoeira to the futuristic air of electronic music, creating a climate totally sci-fi. The aim was to assemble an atmosphere in harmony with the game. The composition and execution are the Werther Azevedo, one of the partners of Nano Game Studio.

Each match lasts around 15 minutes and the war ends only when all the characters fall. The balance is key, mainly in time to make the choice of the figures that will be used, because each one has specific characteristics that alter the strategy that will be taken. All were created by the team of Slum Wars, have fictitious names and their voices were recorded by professional voice actors. Among the elements of trafficking, one of the more unusual is the "Sequel"-features the stereotype of a "cracudo", uses a syringe as a weapon, and the liquid that is injected can be both poison and antidote.

Favel production Wars began in February 2012. Over time featured 13 people on the team: game programmers and web, 3D modeler, artists, illustrators, web designers, game designer, musical composers, scrum master (project manager), interns and CEO.

The game has moderate difficulty and voices in Portuguese. There are no explicit drugs in the game, just as there are no children or sex. To learn more about the game visit: To play the beta access:

Game Trailer: = player_embedded&v = Khzko_IzT54


Peter Hansen, Diretor de Development: one of the most experienced game developers from Brazil, with more than 30 titles sold since 2004. Has a great experience in development of games for mobile and multiplatform, for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, BREW, J2ME, Symbian and Flash platforms. Bachelor of computer science from PUC-Rio, He founded Nano Studio at the beginning of 2007.

Werther Azevedo, Head of Design and art: an experienced interactive designer, teacher and musician. Worked in the web industry between 2004-2010, being involved in large projects for major Brazilian companies. Since 2010, performs an old dream of working in the games industry. Digital audio Professor at PUC-Rio and has been featured in the media, talking about music in games. Composer of the soundtrack for the Favela Wars.

Dan Eisenberg, 31 years, CEO: Business Administrator with post-graduation in IBMEC. Director of national CNS Services, one of the leading outsourcing companies in Brazil. Was born and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Graduado em Ciência da Computação na PUC-Rio especialista em technology e gestão de projetos de desenvolvimento de software. He graduated in music in England, by Drumtech (drums and percussion) and by The Recording Workingshop (music production). MBA by IBEMEC in business management. Joined team of Nano when he was invited by Peter Hansen and Werther Azevedo.

About Nano Studio

Uma empresa dedicada ao design e desenvolvimento de experiências interativas e entertainment digital para dispositivos móveis. Founded by professionals with more than 6 years of experience in the mobile segment, a empresa veio ao mercado com a proposta de desenvolver games e applications de qualidade para celulares. The efficiency and reliability of the team soon conquered brands like Endemol, Nickelodeon, MTV, Pepsi and Unilever.

Performs work across different platforms, as cell phones, feature phones, smartphones and web. And features titles that run on more than 800 devices from different manufacturers and technical specifications, available in the main Brazilian carriers and in virtual stores as Apple App Store, BlackberryApp World, Nokia Ovi Store and Qualcom.

Nano Games

Nano Games is the arm of the Nano Studio specializing in digital entertainment for any type of platform. With exclusive focus on games, counts on a team of geeks in love, you are able to discuss for hours the difference between Mario and Sonic. Elaborates fun solutions for customers and partners, and designing games, creating memorable experiences and stimulating.

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