Jelly Tale, a mouth-watering game!

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Jelly Tale é um game mobile (Android, iOS e Windows Phone), desenvolvido por students de engenharia da Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Campus Cornélio Procópio. With platform-style (as Mario and derivatives), the game is set to be published later this month(07) for the platforms mentioned just above.


Everything was fine in peaceful village, where Jack lived with his friends and neighbors. Until one day, a wicked witch came up and made everything and everyone in candy.Now Jack, in its new form of jujube, will face unimaginable challenges to go behind the witch, and bring back to normal everything he knew, including him.

Este é Jack, o protagonista da aventura!

This is Jack, the protagonist of the adventure!

But if fool who thinks it's an easy game. It is normal to look for a game with such graphics and imagine it's a game “bobo”. Jelly Tale has been strategically designed to be difficult and challenging. The game features 16 phases, among them, 3 special stages and 4 bosses.

The four main scenarios of the game: Candy village, Icy Ridges, Chocolate hills and the Witch's Castle.

In addition to the beautiful visual, the game features a great and simple gameplay, which will cause the player to play more and more dying too(very same!).

Um dos itens que diferencia Jelly Tale dos convencionais jogos de plataforma que temos atualmente para devices móveis, are the special jelly beans, that make Jack change his normal form, giving the hero different skills like flying, immortality, enormous strength, super speed and a cannon of jelly beans super cool (The effects are temporary!).

Esses são os especiais que ajudarão o jogador a passar pelos desafios no jogo.

These are the specials that will help the player to go through challenges in the game.

Check out the trailer for the game:


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Jelly Tale in brief!

Hugs, Wagner Tamborin.

Wagner Tamborin, estudante de engenharia de computação na UTFPR-CP, designer gráfico e sócio na empresa 2Dverse, atuante no setor de arte com desenvolvimento de conteúdo visual para jogos.

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