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10 April 2009 | In General | 226 views | By

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In order to better serve our Users, the Community Windows Vista - Tips in General dá mais um passo importante em seus projetos e realiza uma Otimização SEO em seu Site Oficial.

Not on purpose but, at the beginning, não pensamos realmente na importance de ter-se palavras-chave no título de cada notícia ou notificação. However, to report that the site is having a great impact on the Web, We have taken the liberty to perform this optimization.

Among the benefits that will come, We can highlight:

  • Better positioning in search engines;
  • Improved reliability when accessing our website;
  • Convenience to store links.

Unfortunately, as the modification is booked, the results will only be noticed in a few weeks, probably, and as we adapt to the previous system, There may be some broken links on the site. So, Please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can further improve our site.

Also we're flattered to receive the classification of Many users in the scan report McAfee Site Advisor, a real trophy to a site on the Web. Only the best-known Internet sites receive a rating like this (example: Uol, Google, Orkut, Baboo Forum, etc).For those who want to check out the full report, Click here.

A strong hug, and a Happy Easter to all Netizens! (Amilton Junior)

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