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DiCast – O Primeiro Podcast do Brasil em Alta Definição

THE DiCast is a Podcast that promises to revolutionise the history of Podcasts, not only in Brazil but also in the whole world, oferecendo um content of High Definition at zero cost.

But… As we will present the DiCast? What would your business card? These are some questions that are “hammering” the head of the majority of people who hear or see any reference to “First Podcast of Brazil in high definition”.

Thinking about it, the Group Tips in General – in partnership with the (C) & THE – Productions and events – drew up the newest Presentstion of our Podcast, It consists of a small sticker, fully in High Definition, that will act as our “Business card”.

Through the Presentation, the Internet user/listener will meet the Sound Quality the DiCast and, Like this, draw your own conclusions about this great Revolution.

In DiCast, It's not just listen and learn: It feels. With an excellent sound quality, You can feel the magic Surround, the whole feeling Three-dimensional, that only the content in High Definition You can offer.

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