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1 January 2010 | In General | 368 views | By

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supernatural-sobrenaturalIf you tried to access the site Supernatural Brazil and if faced with an error message and made it this far, Don't be alarmed, you saw right.

During the last few months, the Technical Team of the site Supernatural Brazil has been encountered with depressing situations with regard to keeping the site available, i.e., in the air.

If you want to, enter our Chat. Our lounge is open for discussion on the SuperNatural Brazil. Click here and participate!

-Because I see this announcement on the site Tips in General?

THE General Tips group, In addition to partner, is responsible for the technical organization of the Supernatural Brazil. In accordance with the non-availability of the site, We are offering a Smart site display Page Offline, and also this unique page on our website.

-What's good in “Tips in General”?

Well, the General Tips group is a portal with News, Practical Tips, Podcast, Tutorials, Anyway, various contents about Informatics and Technology.

Maybe you're looking for Supernatural. But, in any case, What about making a check-up on your microwave? Maybe he's a little slow, or perhaps outdated.

And you, is inside of the news that roll in the world of Technology and Informatics?

THE General Tips group can offer you all this, free of charge!

Meet our website. Browse for him, Discover news, and enjoy. Enquanto você cuida de seu computer, We'll take care of the Supernatural Brazil. When you least notice, your computer is much better and ready to access the Supernatural Brazil, All refurbished and optimized by Tips in General ;)

Then, don't wait another moment. Click here and start to discover what we have to offer!


If you want to, use the Form below and write your Comment on the Supernatural/Supernatural Brazil, tell us your views, What would you like to improve, Anyway. Tell us, for when the site comes back, come back even better ;)

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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