DiCast: Now fully in high definition

21 August 2009 | In Comunicados | 203 views | By

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- DiCast: Now fully in high definition? – Yes!

From now on, We will be publishing, In addition to the traditional issues of Low, Medium and High Quality, the Ultra Super high quality version, or high-definition.

During the time that we're without writing new editions, We've been working on making new vignettes, e testando edições do Podcast convertidas para Alta Definição.

- And the results? – Were a success!

We tested the new edition with our Example of Podcast, You can also test, listening. Increase the sound quality to 320 Kbps bitrate and add an effect that enhances special effects channels.

Para você que é amante de Technology, Innovation, and has a sound system 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, 6.1, 6.2 or 6.4 (Wega or Home Theater) well worth checking out.

The novelty is that you do not need to activate the Dolby Digital Technology to enjoy the sound effects, in appliances with two-channel audio input. Just use Multi mode Sint. (Multiple tuner or two channels) the effects are already visible! Of course, If you want a greater “depth” sonora, the technology Dolby Digital can be activated with all freedom, further enhancing the Qualidade of our Podcast.

We never stopped. THE Group Tips in General is always updating, and offering its innovative content and relevant Internet users.

DiCast now in high definition – More quality, For you!

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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