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19 December 2009 | In Comunicados | 186 views | By

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It is with great honor that I hereby announce them on our newest project: TutorialsTips in General.

Devise projects aimed at benefits to all of our Users is our obligation. So, We work every day in search of satisfaction through all that are part of the General Tips group, actively or not.

For a long time we studied the idealization of a unique Website for tutorials. Como é um content bem dinâmico e explicativo, for sure, We need people who were responsible for carrying out the same.

As the General Tips group procura sempre apoiar o Professional de TI, We were giving this project to one of our “co-workers”, in order to generate an opportunity for him and for all who will benefit from this project.


“Hello surfers, I am William Périgo, creator of the new project Tutorials – Tips in General. This will be all the public facing Internet users, providing a dynamic content and easy access, for all who wish to learn Graphic Designer and Web Programming without the need for a support course. I am available for whatever you need. Constructive opinions about the new project will be very welcome! Thank you for your attention, congratulations to General Tips group and happy holidays!”



Tutorials – Tips in General – Teaching is our art!

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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