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logo-comuHistory of Group Tips in General

THE General Tips group, previously named Community Windows Vista – Tips in General, was inaugurated on 25 July 2007 by Amilton Junior.

The idea of creation of Community Windows Vista – Tips in General came followed by a backup generated by the first Windows Vista Ultimate Community PT BR(tm) in that, at the time, was moderated by Amilton Junior. Within the community, He established a relationship between the various participants and the founder of the Tips in General, where the support was agreed and implemented.

Seeking a means to provide information and content Outside the Social Network, the Community Windows Vista – Tips in General launched its First Web Site at mid-month of August 2007. The Principle, the resources were extremely basic, and the interaction with the user was very precarious, due to lack of experience of the developers.

comunidade_msnMonths later were released the new Versions of our Site. Some can be viewed in:, and

To change the name of the Community Windows Vista – Tips in General for General Tips group It was conceived in the year 2009. The first name is not correctly matched with our goal. Accordingly, the amendment was passed with success, targeting improvements that benefited 100% of the participants and visitors of the Tips in General.

Currently, the Tips in General are you using your Version 8, with official inauguration day 31 July 2010. With this new version, the Tips in General intends to take up the Internet user a cleaner information, in a simple way, concrete, in a modern style. In addition, in Main Pages, the highlighted content is accomplished concretely and efficiently, providing the User a lot more interaction with the General Tips group.

Besides taking the end user Practical Tips, Tutorials, Wallpapers and other, the Tips in General has a VIP Area, where the user may register and have exclusive access to Information on the site, as: Priority in the content view, Newsletter (receive news via email) and Online profile in Tips in General, In addition to Participation in promotions and events (online and offline).


logotipo-dicastTHE DiCast is the Podcast Oficial do Tips in General.

About the term: Podcast is a word derived from the Ipod (Player) and Broadcast (streaming). The idea of transmitting audio files to the Ipod begat the Podcast, nowadays is widely used for various online entities, leading Audible content related to that is presented graphically, on the site.

THE DiCast is the First Podcast of Brazil recorded, editado e publicado na Technology of High Definition (DolbyDigital TrueHD). This is a breakthrough technology in Brazilian Podosfera, Therefore, still undergoing intensive tests.

THE DiCast appeared in January 2009, with the support and base in AperteCast. The idea of bringing information and practical tips for the end user is the main objective of the Tips in General. Therefore, the Podcast is an alternative way of contacting the user, leading to written information to your hearing.

THE DiCast is a Podcast recorded on a monthly basis, with a screenplay previously elaborated and, in specific occasions, invited professionals who will be commenting on the matter at hand.

THE hotsite the DiCast is available at:

A bit about us

    The Group generally appeared in Tips 2007 from innovative ideas on troubleshooting problems faced daily by those who use the technology and computer science, both ordinary users and technicians. But where did, why and what is the purpose of this site?

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