Mac App Store brings greater ease to buy and upgrade programs

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mac app storeWith the launch da Mac App Store pela Apple, Mac users have at their disposal a real virtual shop to purchase software designed for the platform. The news follows the same concept already employed in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To access the application from Mac App Store, You must have installed version 10.6.0 Mac OS X or higher. The installation that gives access to the virtual store is made from an operating system upgrade via the "Software Update".

update mac app storeAfter having successfully executed the update, will be automatically created a shortcut to the application on the Mac App Store on main menu and also a shortcut on the toolbar. In addition to allowing the purchase of new software for the Mac, the virtual store manager will administer the updates for programs that are installed through him, in the same way as happens in the iPhone, for example. The update can be done individually or, If the user prefer, all at the same time.

Para facilitar a seleção dos applications, they are organized into categories, but you can also use the search tool in the program itself.

For each application, There is a detailed overview of the features, basic requirements for its operation, screenshots of fabrics, information about the software vendor and comments.

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To acquire an application paid, just click "Buy". Quando o aplicativo estiver disponível para download free of charge, the value indicator will appear as "Free". The next step is to perform the authentication in Apple Store.

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After installing a software provided by the Mac App Store, the application of virtual store will display it with the status of installed. The idea is to make it easier to see the downloaded programs Manager, as well as checking for updates.

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But the facilities for the macmaníacos doesn't end there. Installed the Mac App Store, whenever the user tries to open a file of unknown format, the Manager is in charge of researching and recommending the most appropriate program download for file preview. According to Apple, o usuário pode instalar os applications adquiridos em cada Mac que estiver usando. This feature is very useful when the user equipment Exchange, Since it dispenses with the resettlement of purchased applications to another machine.

The extraordinary potential of the service goes way beyond leveraging sales and give visibility to Apple. The new promises to bring more convenience to owners of Mac, pois os aplicativos e releases estão sempre à disposição. In addition, software developers can create applications for the Mac OS X and send it to the Mac App Store.

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