Google passes Apple and is second in the u.s. smartphone market

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The operating system Android, Google's, assumiu a segunda maior participação em smartphones in the United States, between September and November 2010, data analysis firm points online comScore.

Of 61,5 milhões de usuários americanos de devices móveis inteligentes entre setembro e novembro, 26% included with the Android system.

samsung nexus s androidTHE platform do Google elevou sua participação em 6,4 percentage points compared to the three months ended in August and hit the Apple, the system was used by 25% of smartphones in the period- 0,8 percentage points above the registered three months until August.

Research In Motion (RIM), manufacturer of BlackBerry, retained first place with 33,5% of presence in the segment, observing a drop of 4,1 percentage points compared with the share of June to August period.

In the fourth position is the Microsoft (9%) and in fifth the Palm platform (3,9%), It also noted declining participation of 1,8% and 0,7%, respectively.

Considering all models of mobile phones, Samsung continues to set the pace in the u.s. market, that registered 234 millions of devices in use by people aged 13 years of age or older, between September and November 2010.

androidThe South Korean manufacturer increased its participation in United States in 0,9 percentage point compared to the three months ended in August and went on to tell 24,5% the market between September and November. Secondly, LG took 20,9% from the market, in the period, followed by Motorola (17%), by RIM (8,8%) and by Nokia (7,2%).

With exception to Samsung, all the other four manufacturers lost participation between September and November in the u.s., in relation to the interval June-August, being the most significant observed by Motorola – fall of 1,8 percentage point.

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