From the kitchen to the bathroom, will appliances connect whole House

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From the kitchen to the bathroom, gradually the whole House will rely on smart devices, allowing you to adjust the power consumption and distance monitoring.

Cédric Hutchings, Director-General da empresa Withings, says “smart appliances do not impose new routines, on the contrary, are quietly intelligent”, adding to the family belongings new possibilities.

Fulton tl

This small French company drew attention at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) of Las Vegas, in the United States, with modest equipment: scales, manometers or surveillance devices the nursery, with monitors or telephones. The devices transmitem, store and analyze the data collected, and even in the case of “babá Electronics”, can be controlled from a distance.

Generally speaking, the entire sector of appliances found a place, This year, at CES, like General Electric, presented for the first time in more than 30 years, the Kenmore or Korean American LG: washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, water heaters. All of these appliances promise easy programming and, especially, the possibility to decrease electricity consumption.

The most impressed was the company Fulton, supplier of major brands. Ela apresentou os novos avanços de sua technology eCoupled, Announcing the possibility of administering the kitchen cabinets as a grocery store hi-tech, Thanks to transmitters placed in packaging: information such as “the orange juice is almost finishing” or “the yogurt will spoil soon” can be viewed on your mobile.

For Joseph McGuire, President of AHAM, American Association of the sector, These innovations benefit “a great support at the federal level”, as, for example, of tax credits in favor of less consumption. But “It will be the consumer who will determine their success”, the economy of electricity the primary motivation.

In the coming years, When the “smart meters” become common, and the industry has entered into agreement on one or two general rules to move information from one system to another, manufacturers promise to develop equipment to avoid the peaks.

The Kenmore appliances and LG are already equipped with a technology that allows the after-sales service to analyze a malfunction or a crash at a distance, with the transmission de um sinal sonoro por telefone, without offset. The repair process is well optimized and simplified.

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