With Microsoft, Nokia only has to lose

12 February 2011 | In Matters | 265 views | By

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The mobile giant has everything to become an OEM, producing devices with the system from another manufacturer, as the HTC, Samsung, LG or so many other.

nokia microsoft maosIt's a year that Anssi Vanjoki, at the time responsible for the Division of Nokia smartphones, ruled out the idea of the company abandon Symbian and use another operating system on their smartphones like a folly. That's exactly what Stephen Elop, current CEO of the company,did, in announcing in this 11 February 2011 o acordo com a Microsoft para a utilização do Windows Phone 7 in their future smartphones.

É verdade que o Symbian já “deu o que tinha pra dar” e em sua forma atual não deixou de ter condições de competir em um mercado dominado pelo iOS e disputado por concorrentes de peso como o Android e WebOS. But the Windows Phone 7 wasn't the only direction where Nokia could run.

The company has a design of a next generation operating system, the Meego (developed in partnership with Intel). And Android, that is opened, can be used by any manufacturer and helped Motorola out of a similar situation just over a year ago.

Ignoring the reasons behind the choice, in my opinion Nokia loses with the agreement. First of all, in credibility: for years the company has reiterated its commitment to the Symbian and the developer community that formed around him, and more recently boasted that “the Meego is our future”. All these words were suddenly thrown in the wind.

Also lost in the market. According to a note on Engadget, Nokia would have complete freedom to customize anything on Windows Phone 7. This goes against the current policy at Microsoft, requiring of manufacturers a high degree of standardization, both in hardware and in software.

Microsoft may, Yes, have granted special privileges to Nokia as part of an incentive for migration, but with this the company will certainly annoy your current partners, as HTC, Samsung and LG, they had the same request denied and made a bet much more embracing operating system from day one.

With a standardized hardware and system, There will be little to differentiate a smartphone Nokia a model from LG or Samsung. The company will be forced to compete on price and with competitors that have larger scale (and with this lower price) e muito mais agilidade no development and launch de novos modelos, items that were never the strong point of the Finns.

And the future of operating systems from Nokia? The company swears by its äiti (MOM, in Finnish) dying that Symbian and Meego will stay alive, happy and strong. But I believe the reality is not so.

Symbian will be relegated to the second division in practice. Appliances “car Chief” Nokia will run Windows Phone 7, While the Symbian will be the system for low-cost devices and emerging markets. Todos os esforços de pesquisa e development serão interrompidos (If you have not been), and the system will only receive maintenance updates.

Already the Meego is a search system. It Nokia will test new concepts and formats of appliances (as tablets), but he will never be used in a high-end smartphone. Rumor Nokia already has canceled the development of the first unit with Meego, the N9. I imagine that the company will launch some device to justify the development and promises, but that will not talk about the system for a while.

The "old" Nokia, We invested in research and development, that it placed on the market some early smartphones, who created one of the world's best-selling electronics (the Nokia 1100), who already dominated the category of "superfones" with the N95, died on Friday, 11 February 2011.

Make no mistake, the "new" Nokia is an OEM, producing devices with the system from another manufacturer, as the HTC, Samsung, LG or so many other. If this will be good for the company's future, only time will tell.

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