On the internet, the impossible is just a matter of dedication

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What you can do, Nowadays, on the Internet? You can discover new professions, people, companies, services, business, products, cities and much more. In addition to discovering you can create your own space and to relate to other people.

It would be the impossible only a matter of dedication? Read this and draw your own conclusions.

A dream, a realization

The girls always have their idols, are they: singers, actors, entrepreneurs etc. Usually, the most viable way of expressing this sentiment is decorating their rooms with posters, interviews and fragments. And when it comes to Internet the possibilities are not limited to this.

Lara Brandão – Mining, 15 years of age – is student, fan of Caique Nogueira – Blogger and columnist of the magazine Capricho and declares his passion using the Internet. In addition to decorate your profile with pictures of his idol maintains a online blog with your statements regarding the “eye drops”.

Em uma experiência recente a jovem realizou uma transmission de vídeo ao vivo using o site Twitcam, onde obteve o carinho e attention de seu ídolo que até a elogiou e, Consequently, recommended for your qpossibilidade amorwas 500 thousand followers on Twitter. “Our, It was very good. Even more by Caique have seen me, serious. I can say it was the best day for me! I really wanted this, most didn't expect!”, says surprise. With a peak of more than 300 people watching at the same time Lara felt embarrassed: “I am really shy even. They had more than 200 people seeing me!”, She said.

Unfortunately it is difficult to relate to people over the internet, even more live. Vários espectadores injuriados acabaram enviando messages para ofendê-la e prejudicá-la e, in the vast majority, other fans of Caíque Nogueira. “Had people sending me ugly messages, but I simply ignored. I think that the best way. I especially never would speak those things for another fan of his, because I know he doesn't like!”, responds.

Despite this small detail Lara managed to realize a dream that more than Toronto 2 years, It was to be seen live by his big Idol. She further commented regarding those who want to make a transmission over the Internet: “who wants to do s and twitcam try my luck as I, I think you have nothing to lose!”, said confident.

As well as this experience there are several other people on the Internet who have managed to accomplish big dreams. These events that would be virtually impossible without the help of the net today are just a matter of opinion and dedication.

Therefore, If you have a dream and the Internet is a half don't give up. Go ahead because all things are possible to him who believes.

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