One third of Brazilian companies suffered attacks on digital 2011

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A study released Thursday by the PwC found that in 2011 the digital crimes amounted to 32% of the companies questioned in Brazil. According to the sixth edition of the Global Survey on Economic Crimes, held every two years, os ataques realizados via computer ou internet são o segundo principal crime contra as empresas brasileiras, behind asset theft.

hacker ataqueThe national average is higher than the global, in that 23% of the companies surveyed say they suffer from cyber crimes. The Country also has index greater among those who consider that the attacks have grown in 2011: 45% in Brazil against 39% on the sum of all Nations heard. On the plus side, as empresas brasileiras promoveram mais treinamentos de safety digital: 63% yellow-green on land and 58% of global.

The losses of 5% of respondents with Brazilian attacks reached US $ 5 million, While other 5% had losses of $ 100 million $ 1 billion. But the money is not the main concern of respondents. Second 63% of them, the damage to reputation is more important than the financial loss (48%), and this still falls behind the fear with the interruption of service (50%).

Despite concerns, 51% the ears around here claim that the Presidents or directors of its executives-companies not have adopted procedures to check for threats, that number drops to 40% the world average. Other data downloaded is only 36% Brazilian companies and 40% of social networks monitor global. Although they are not the source of attacks, According to PwC, podem ser usadas para coletar informações sobre indivíduos-chave da empresa ou para instalar arquivos maliciosos no computer desta pessoa. Survey respondents reported that 71% the crimes were committed by officials (56% is the world average), being that 67% of this total would be employees without Management Office.

The biannual report still raised that 68% the country's airlines suffered asset theft, 18% had problems with corruption and bribery and 11% with accounting fraud. World classification, the indexes put Brazil in an intermediate range of incidence of economic crime. The Kenya gets first, with 66% positive responses, and the last Japan, with only 6% the genus firms reporting problems.

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