Deep Web, the side of the internet that Google will never show

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The Deep Web is constantly compared to an Iceberg, the part that gets out of the water is the indexed part, and the part that lies submerged, represents the Deep Web.


The Deep Web is the dark side of the internet, in him are all the sites and files which for some reason are not indexed in search engines for specific conventional (Google, Bing, etc.). THE Deep Web is also called Deepnet, Darknet, Invisible Web, Undernet, etc.

To access a site of Deep Web you need to know your correct address of the site you want to visit, or else, have a list of browsers that work with this type of search.

However, You must have some care to access the Deep Web:

1 – Look for protect your computer, use a good browser, a good antivirus and try to protect your IP.

2 – Never leave your data very possoais exposed. As well as conventional web, These data can be stolen and used in a criminal way.

3 – See below a video lesson on how to access the Deep Web.

The Deep Web is much good, but also a lot of bad thing, as:

- Cannibalism;
- Paedophilia;
- Suicide methods;
- How to make a bomb, a weapon;
- Unlock doors (even cars);
- Explosives (arsonists, Post Office, grenades, acid);
- Cheat the phone systems, hacking;
- Get a new identity;
- Downloads of many books of Satanism, occultism, Theology, fiolosofia of life and secret society;
- Secret files on UFOs, Nazism, CIA, Vatican, etc.;
- Forums of all types.

I.e., There is much that Google doesn't see (and a lot of people still believe that Google knows everything).

In This link There is a list of search engines to the Deep Web.

But attention: the Tips in General has no intention of promoting the use of the Deep Web, nor encourage its use. Is fully responsible and sensible user who decide to access it at your own risk.

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