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milestone systemsMilestone Systems, a empresa de platform aberta de software IP video management, maintains its position as the # 1 provider in full participation in the global market of VMS, According to the latest report from IMS Research.

IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS Inc.. (NYSE:IHS), has just published the 9th edition of his report World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment (The world market for equipment for Surveillance by closed-circuit television and Video). The results are based on data from 2011. The report contains full information about all the suppliers that distribute components for analog video surveillance systems and digital, such as chambers, recording solutions, codificadores de vídeo e other.

“Milestone Systems has maintained its number one position in the world in the category software VMS, in 2011. In addition to maintaining its position as a leading provider of VMS, the Milestone also grew faster than the total market in VMS 2011, registrando um growth de receitas de 22%, compared to the previous year, versus a growth of approximately 17% from the market, in the past year”, says the senior analyst at IMS Research, Gary Wong.

Editing 2012 This report from IMS Research predicts that, Despite the fragile and uncertain economic climate, the world market for video surveillance equipment will grow more 12% em 2012. Sales of networking surveillance cameras should improve, According to forecasts, of approximately 40% with worldwide sales revenue of security cameras in 2011 for approximately 60% em 2016. Isso ilustra ainda mais o progresso contínuo da technology IP, that is overcoming the traditional method of CCTV for video monitoring.

“The ongoing trend of analog video surveillance network video surveillance remains unchanged. However, IMS Research has advanced its predictions for the turning point (in which revenues from equipment sales network video surveillance will surpass sales of analog video surveillance equipment) for a year until the year 2013. This is due to the acceleration of demand for networked video surveillance”, declares Gary Wong.

Milestone Systems has won repeatedly the highest position in the ranking the VMS providers, in market analysis, for many years, and is recognized in the industry for his success in leading the expansion of software of open platform video surveillance. The business model that adopts only softwares open platform allows installers and customers the widest choice of hardware and value-added integrations with other systems to more flexible solutions and higher returns on investments, over time.

The President and CEO of Milestone System, Lars Thinggaard, says: “Through our ambitious strategy and execution, the Milestone continues to make great progress, favoring our company and the industry as a whole. Watch consistently on market demands and explore new ways to use softwares video management of open platform as the core of the security installations. The Milestone is well positioned to achieve even greater market share, with more offices being opened in the world, to serve our ecosystem of partners and customers”, declares.

About IMS Research

IMS Research, recently acquired by IHS (NYSE: IHS), It is an important supplier of market research and consulting services to more than 2.500 customers worldwide, including most major technology companies in the world. Established in the United Kingdom in 1989, IMS Research now has dedicated teams of analysts, focused factories automation markets, Automotive, communications, computers, consumers, monitors, financial and ID, LED and lighting, doctor, electricity and energy, Solar PV, Smart electrical networks and security. Currently more than publishing 350 different titles of syndicated reports per year, These elaborate publications are used by the largest companies in the electronic and industrial sectors to access market trends, Troubleshoot marketing and improve the efficiency of your business. (

About the Milestone Systems

Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the industry leader in world softwares of open platform IP video management. The platform XProtect ® ensures a solid surveillance system, easy to manage, reliable and tested on thousands of clients from around the world. With support for the widest choice of hardware networking and integration with other systems, the XProtect ensures the best solutions of their class to empower organizations with video systems, to manage risks, protect people and property, optimize processes and reduce costs. THE software the Milestone is sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit

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