Biometrics: performance of the sensors makes all the difference

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Many banks have preferred to fingerprint reading, instead of reading the hand vascular pattern. THE technology de imagem multiespectral da impressão digital tem a vantagem de possibilitar a interação com um cadastramento universal no futuro, You can integrate and cross-reference in multiple instances, as government institutions, of teaching, health, banks, DMV and federal police, for example.

biometria“With the steady increase of transactions between people and machines, a biometria é vista como uma technology segura e cômoda. After All, eliminates the Memorisation of passwords and access codes, always being available and being simple to use. Usually, junto com o bônus de aumentarmos a safety de alguma coisa há um ônus correspondente, that is an increase of some inconvenience. That doesn't happen with the fingerprint reader, for example. We can increase security and still make the operation as easy as possible for the user. And that's what most people want: more security, without complications”, says the Executive.

In Brazil, the first attempts to adopt biometrics have not been so successful, featuring approximately 30% fail-safe operations, Nowadays the panorama is another and quite positive. With the multispectral imaging technology, the Lumidigm managed to raise the reliability of operations for more than 95%. Any finger can be identified: dirty, wet, dry or worn. The multispectral imaging system uses different electromagnetic wavelengths to capture both the image of the surface of the finger, as the inner part, formed by blood vessels which reproduce the same drawing the skin. It strengthens security, evitando parte dos problems relacionados às senhas, as oblivion, frauds and thefts.

Banks dropped in front

According to Phil Scarfo, as instituições financeiras costumam investir pesadamente em technologies que prometem aumentar a segurança e facilitar o uso dos clientes bancários. After you install the fingerprint sensor readings with multispectral image on most major banks in South Africa, Lumidigm's operations are expanding to Latin America with success. In Brazil, In addition to recently deploy more than 12 thousand biometric sensors in one of the largest private banks in the country, also started the installation of 3.500 sensors in the Caixa Econômica Federal, allowing the looting of the Bolsa Familia benefits in 500 agencies through the fingerprint in self-service terminals. With the success of these two major operations, other banks are in contact with us and must invest equally in multispectral imaging technology in the next months.

Source: Philip Scarfo, Global Vice President of sales at Lumidigm, global authentication solutions company –

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