Growth of e-commerce requires attention with fraud and product delivery

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According to e-bit, company specialized in e-commerce information, o comércio e-mail no Brasil deve crescer 25% in 2013, reaching a turnover of R $ 28 billion. Parallel to the optimistic market forecast, a ascensão do e-commerce brasileiro exige mais recursos anti-fraude e atenção com a entrega de produtos, What are the even greater advancement in the industry.
More complete financial solution of e-commerce in Brazil, the Bcash It is also the safest online payment facilitator in the country. Buyers and sellers who make their purchases through virtual platform of Buscapé Company rely on proactive tools for protection of transactions.

notebook seguroOne of the major allies of Bcash users is to purchase Protected. Through her, the consumer is protected in the event of any injury, as the non-delivery of the product by the webshop. It is important to note that the buyer has a period of 14 days, from the approval of the transaction, to block payment to the seller, in order to be made all necessary security checks and the buyer ensure product delivery. After the deadline, and being resolved any outstanding issues related to purchase, the values of the operation are made available to the seller.

Outro defensor dos compradores virtuais é a technology the FControl, the Rocket Company, who plays in all sales operated by Bcash. A pioneer in Brazil in the use of sophisticated neural networks systems and artificial intelligence for risk management and fraud detection in real time in e-commerce, the FControl maps and drastically reduces attempts to virtual blows with credit card in the virtual stores, protecting also the good consumer. Over the past year, the FControl identified and blocked more than R $ 150 million in fraudulent transactions on e-commerce in Brazil.

AND, increasing ainda mais a sensação de segurança às compras, who uses Bcash can still purchase the Extended Warranty service, que oferece mais um ano de garantia para reparos ou substituição de produtos com defeitos após o término da garantia do manufacturer. It is important to note that the has the PCI DSS seal Bcash 2.0, issued by the PCI Security Standard Council, greater reference to data security practices on the internet. The standard ensures that international security best practices are being properly followed, After the implementation of strict processes in strategic structure, Bcash technology and organizational.

“In only six years, the Bcash is proud to have helped almost 7 millions of partners, between buyers and sellers, making your e-commerce transactions with total security. The choice of a kind of secure payment, both the shopkeeper, as for consumer, It is vital for the tranquility of this purchase”, Marcelo says Tan, Director of products and marketing at payment and anti-fraud solutions division of Buscapé Company.

More consumer protection tools of Buscapé

In January 2011, the Buscapé, largest price comparison site of Latin America, launched the Rocket Protects, tool that helps consumers to avoid problems with your online shopping, making them safer. Almost a year later, the results are expressive, What proves the success of the project: about two million registered and less than 100 complaints opened.

The service works as follows: If a person purchasing a product from a price comparison made in the Rocket and the request is not delivered, arrive broken or is not the product specified, Buscapé, within the conditions laid down in the terms of use of Buscapé Protects, does the brokering between the retailer and the purchaser for the resolution of the problem. If it is not possible to solve the issue, the client can be reimbursed up to $ 500.

In addition, the e-bit allows the consumer to evaluate e-commerce stores, through a survey released at the end of the buying process and also in the aftermarket. These evaluations are turned into medals (Diamond, Gold, Silver and bronze), that represent the quality and best services provided by their own virtual stores, from the point of view of those who actually bought.

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