It will be the end of the email within companies?

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A recent study done by McKinsey & Company with more than 4 mil executivos de todo o mundo mostrou que as empresas que adotaram as technologies sociais ao dia-a-dia não só conseguiram novas opportunities como também aumentaram sua participação de mercado.

This study reinforces recent initiatives of companies that are gradually replacing the use of internal email for social tools, as for example, corporate social networks.

emailAtos Origin, uma empresa global de serviços de technology da informação que emprega 50.000 employees, hopes to achieve the target of zero internal e-mail to 2014. The initiative aims to increase internal productivity, ending the exchange of messages that reached “unsustainable levels” in the company.

Thierry Breton, Company CEO, claims that managers spend on average of 5 the 20 hours every week reading and answering emails. “We have implemented a series of collaborative tools and platforms for socialization, to share and document ideas”.

Rafael Ramos, Trii agency Managing Director, responsável pela platform de rede social corporativa SuaRede, considers the radical measure, but admits that social networks corportivas contribute to cannot cause the use of internal email. “O e-mail corporativo comprovadamente não é a tool mais adequada para comunicação interna. Who never witnessed cases like lost messages, wrong recipients, knowledge that is lost with the turnover of professionals?”, says Managing Director.

According to Ramos, the tool by itself should not be deployed in isolation, but in line with a great design that promotes greater collaboration between professionals and that disseminate information architecture concepts. “A corporate social network implemented without a careful review of the information architecture will tend to fail in a short time”, says.

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