Idec launches campaign against prepaid energy

30 January 2013 | In Matters | 352 views | By

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THE Idec (Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor) invites consumers to participate in the prepaid Energy campaign: You're Going To Be In The Dark, enviando messages the Aneel (The national electric energy agency) and the Presidency of the Republic to request that this billing mode is not approved.

The proposal for a regulation of the prepaid energy (supply of prepaid users light) is in the process of approval. For Idec, This type of recovery will not bring any benefit to the consumer and contradicts the principles of the CDC (The consumer defense code) — permite a interrupção automática dos services e deixa os consumidores em situação de vulnerabilidade. In addition to go against the very regulations of Aneel, which provides for the need of prior communication to the Court of light.

energia-eletricaDespite the billing mode be optional, the consumer can be induced by the Distributor to adopt this form of payment, for example, in any debt negotiation, attempt to renegotiate debts etc., for not having enough knowledge about the benefits and the real risks.

"The rate of prepaid energy won't necessarily be lower for those who opt for this form of payment", explains the Idec's Attorney, Mariana Alves Tornero.
On the other hand, the benefits are numerous for the distributors, as the default mitigation and operating costs, Since the monthly measurement is not required or printing and sending of invoice, for example.

To justify the proposal for regulation of prepayment, Aneel mentions experiences of countries — Colombia, Peru and Argentina, United Kingdom — that don't match with the current social situation, Brazil's cultural and economic. So, for Idec does not serve as a parameter of comparison.

Idec's lawyer argues that there was not yet an analysis of impact of this new modality of charging light on lives of consumers. "An essential service like energy cannot be compared to the way that recharge a mobile device, já que sua falta pode colocar em risco a safety e a saúde do consumidor”, concludes.

Idec is an association that promotes, Since 1987, the educação, the awareness and the protection of consumer rights. Without links with Governments, political parties or companies, its independence is maintained by contributions from individuals.

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