Brain mapping and awareness can improve communication between teams and people

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It is said that when two people are talking, There are three truths in the air. The truth of each of the members of that dialogue based on facts. This trilogy of versions is one of the main problems in the communication within companies and even personal relations. This is because, According to American psychologist Clare Graves, people have different levels of consciousness that act as "filters" in the interpretation of messages and situations.

mapeamento-cerebralCalled "Spiral Dynamics", Graves ' theory shows – through eight colors that would represent the evolution of human consciousness – as the levels of consciousness reflected in the everyday life of the man of the century 21. "The scale defined by Graves from the perception more tribal, represented by beige, until the global thinking, holístico e focado no development da humanidade como um todo, symbolized by the turquoise. People usually have up to seven of these levels in its adult phase, in shades that vary from person to person. And precisely these graduations that deeply influence on perception ", explains the coach and consultant Karen Gimenez, Director of CCS-Coaching, Comunicação e Sustainability, company engaged in the application of procedures and also coaching processes with Crisis management projects, Communication, Social responsibility and sustainability. She uses the levels of consciousness with its customers both in the processes of coaching and consulting jobs.

The influence on perception

The levels of consciousness are measured through tests whose answers amount to points that will compose the profile of each individual. There is no right or wrong. Work only as indicators for the mapping of consciousness. In general terms, who has, for example, level of awareness of blue color dominant, they enhance other organization, very rigid morals and discipline.

Already the big businessmen usually have orange as predominant consciousness level, as it indicates a mind geared to business and long-term vision. "Mapping levels of consciousness is a bit more complex than simply follow a color table. Some people have various colors in similar intensities in your profile, a influencing directly the other ", explains Karen.

"With this, It is possible to understand how people process the information as they arrive and, Why, in a given situation, a detail is so important to a person and not enough to other. Someone with a level of consciousness predominantly red – it wont take action so thoughtless and without measuring consequences – can have a hard time understanding why a person with predominantly green consciousness level cares so much about the environment. On the other hand, If these two colors are balanced on a map of a same individual, the profile can be someone who defends the environment with reckless and thoughtless attitudes ", evaluates the coach.

"Meet your levels of consciousness is a way to better understand yourself and find their behavior calibrate. É claro que há other fatores que influenciam, but the levels of consciousness are as a filter through which the events pass before reaching the mind. It is important to note that they can be changed in medium or long-term observation and exercise of behavioral change ", Adds.

Better use of teams

In work teams, meet the levels of awareness of each Member helps reduce conflicts and improve productivity. It becomes possible to map better division of tasks, plan the communication style and ways to more effective recognition, both for the group as a whole as individually.

The levels of consciousness are often used in conjunction with another tool that is the brain mapping. Also from behavioural questionnaires, the brain mapping indicates various aspects related to the type of reasoning of each individual. É possível saber se o Professional privilegia o raciocínio lógico, the creative, the analytical, among others.

Only therapists and coaches can analyze the levels of consciousness and the brain mapping. As much as they refer to mathematical calculations, imply deep analysis, Unlike some tools of human resources in which the system calculates the profile. "Are manual calculations that imply relate many factors, with many nuances each. Jamais um computer conseguiria emitir um parecer”, Karen concludes.

By Karen Gimenez

In addition to coach, Karen Gimenez is a journalist, third sector Manager and geographer, with more than 20 years of experience in large companies, Renowned NGOs and national media. More information on and articles of the blog:

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