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In 2005, quatro anos após a fundação da ClearSale e à época do boom da área de Technology da Informação, the company lost 23 of their 25 collaborators. At the moment, the President, Pedro Chiamulera, She realized she needed to approach "more of my professionals to meet them, know your expectations, Search from there to identify your needs and try to, somehow, stimulate a sense of belonging to the company ".

CEOThis passage in the career of ClearSale Executive is told in the book "extraordinary people and their amazing stories", first book of Moses Fry Sznifer and Dennis Rea, que traz trechos da vida de other 30 CEOs de algumas das main companies atuantes no Brasil.

"It's a storybook, counted by people who reveal significant meanings and a life: emotions experienced, feelings experienced, reflections incorporated ", explain the authors. "The CEO is a character shrouded in mystique, with aura of a ' Almighty ' in the perception of employees. We Decided To, then, in crossdress messengers, We went after Presidents who had the courage to tell their stories and run the risk of seeing them published, to see unveiled its "narrative identity, complement Moses Sznifer Dennis Rea and Fry.

From meetings with leaders of large companies and lecturers, the authors decided to share the identity narratives of CEOs, giving them the opportunity to understand how they treat themselves and others. Mais um launch da Editora Gente, "Extraordinary people and their amazing stories" uses the art of narrating to make public these experiences and peculiarities of the top executives of companies like Magazine Luiza, Unilever, Grupo Abril, Ultra Group, Porto Seguro, Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Albert Einstein, Cielo and CPFL.

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