Installation of cellular antennas violates laws of the sector

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Enquanto operadoras de telephony celular queixam-se de entraves legais para ampliação da infraestrutura, some residents of the surrounding radio Base stations (ERB) mobilized to enforce the laws in the industry, whose compliance is under suspicion.

Antenas TelefoniaThe Decree 34.622 prohibits the installation of this equipment on façades, marquees, common areas or in places that get in the way of ventilation of buildings of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, municipal legislation establishes minimum distances in relation to buildings of superior height and currencies of neighbouring lots or critical areas, as hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

The lawyer Bruno Canna Caleri moves a process (0018712-16.2012.8.19.0001 in the 42nd District Court) against the carrier and the Ipanema condo Hotel located at the Rua Barão da Torre – 192, to remove an ERB which is installed the 3 metres from the swimming pool and in the common area at the top of the building. "The antennas are in all leisure space, including parapets, on the facade of the building and blocking stairways and ventilation Windows "says Caleri.

What's so special about the violation of the law and the harmful consequences of proximity of the equipment, Caleri references several surveys relating to cell phone radiation with incidence of tumors. Among them, is the study of the World Health Organization (OMS) that indicates a likelihood of 15 the 27% biggest brain cancer in people who used the phone for 30 minutes/day for 10 years.

About the antenna, Caleri claims: “Existe difference de opinião com other proprietários que preferem ter o benefício da receita de aluguel para abater as despesas do prédio. But the new legislation the municipality makes it clear what is a priority and which side of the discussion that should be protected ".

About Bruno Canna Caleri:
He is a lawyer graduated from the Universidade Metodista Bennett, Post-graduate degree in Civil law and procedure by Escola Superior de Advocacia/RJ, in Civil liability from UFRJ and specialises in Civil Law. Is available for interviews about violations in the installation of ERBs provided specialized Attorney. Phone: (21) 9188-9001.

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