The era of smartphones in Brazil and in the world

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Mobile, Nowadays, It's synonymous with exceeded. A new Word has emerged to identify the more evolved devices: smartphone. And you know exactly the difference between a cell phone and a smartphone? If you don't know, It is natural to have this doubt, já que o mercado simplesmente “empurra” os releases às prateleiras e nos deixa confusos com tanta novidade. I'm going to write about for you to understand the difference and, also, find out why they are successful in this digital age.

SmartphonesThe first step to identify when an appliance is just phone or smartphone is observing your resource list. They usually have these characteristics: internet access via 3 g, suporte à instalação de applications several, sinal GPS, Bluetooth connection, camera 2 Megapixels or more and direct email contacts synchronization, Facebook and Twitter with address book contacts. Obviously there are appliances with more features, but these are the minimum for it to be considered a smartphone in fact.

You may find it hard to believe, smartphones already exist in world, at least, 20 years (According to the website CulturaMix). And as only recently they started making success in Brazil? The answer to this question can be based on several factors, but the main one is the price. In 2006, for example, a Nokia smartphone wasn't sold less than $ 2 thousand. Nowadays you can find several models on sale costing less than $ 500. With low price and high sales, o mundo mobile já é um importante setor da technology, due to its great accessibility.

In the world of technology innovation boosts another. With the constant growth of users of smartphones 3 g networks strengthened-and soon the 4 g will dominate. And with this evolution of mobile networks, the evolution of the internet, the sites and especially social networks was also a consequence. Stop to think about how everything is connected and, mesmo sem um computer, You can share your images, favorite phrases and texts on the internet, everything by own smartphone.

This digital age, driven by mobile devices, is getting stronger because it aims to connect people. And nothing better than using something they carry always in my pocket to allow to communicate in different ways, with different people, in various places! I believe that this is an era where we are living just the beginning. This is the future, and he has already begun.

Source: Paraná Newspaper Center

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