The possible end of desktops (Desktop)

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In 2010 a European Director of Google company, John Herlihy, said, in three years, the computers de mesa – ou desktops – seriam extintos do mercado (According to the site Pplware), due to the great demand for portable computers such as notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Past time, exactly three years after this statement, Here I bring the issue: the desktops are dead even? Before you answer, I'm going to compare desktops with notebooks, succinct and widespread way.

Computador de MesaIt used to be easier to produce desktops; cheap and advantageous. However, with the passage of time, the technology evolved. The components decreased, the performance has increased and competition has caused prices to fall. Here are some of the main factors that contributed:

Consumption – Um notebook, se comparado a um desktop, can consume up to 90% less power. That's because the desktop is designed to offer performance, i.e., make the most of your space and its components to save processing time. It is worth remembering that, If the desktop saves time, even spending more energy, It may still be considered advantageous, Depending on the use.

Size – Imagine that trip for the holidays, and you want to save the photos taken on the beach, ou até mesmo jogar algum game para se distrair… Has lead the desktop in the trunk? Definitely not! The notebook can be taken anywhere, works even without an external power source and have 1001 utilities.

Price -Was formerly a very expensive notebook, the assistance was scarce, but nowadays not. The price of a model that perfectly fits the profile of most people costs, on average, up to £ 2 thousand, and may still be in installments. There are more options for technical assistance and specialized technicians nationwide.

Performance – Even the desktop gaining in performance, the notebooks have guaranteed placement at the finish line. With modern processors, multiple cores and a lot of memory, It is possible to watch movies in high definition, rodar applications e jogos em 3D ou converter formatos de vídeo sem que haja problema de travamento, as was the case in the past.

But as the main issue thrown at the beginning was about the death of desktops, Let's focus on it. For that I invite you to reflect a little bit about the purchase options of our country. When some friend or relative is interested in buying a new computer, or even you, their children, cousins etc., What is the first option? A desktop computer or a laptop? If thinking on the desktop computer, where it will be placed? You have a unique rack for him? Not always. And the notebook, need an exclusive table for him? Not. It's easy to take home? Sim. The price is right? In most cases, sim.Yes

Which leads to the idea that the desktop is dead, precisely, There is the option to purchase a, but prefer not to buy it. Of course he is useful in offices and businesses, but over time may no longer be. Reflect and find your answer, because in the next three years the reality may be even more different.

Source: Paraná Newspaper Center

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