The influence of the environment on the success of corporate events

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*by Thais Berbert

In several years of expertise in the segment of corporate events whenever I am faced with the following question: the site really influences the success of an event? I'm very sure. And I say this not only because of practical experience, but the knowledge of several surveys that explore the understanding of processes of structuring the physical space and its connection with the man.

Evento CorporativoIn the field of Administration, This concern is old and began in the first decades of the 20th century, with the studies of Frederick Taylor, based on the observation of the work processes and aimed to increase operational efficiency.

Among the various conclusions of these studies – and there are many even – , It turned out that it is possible to achieve gains in productivity and performance from the relationship between the individual and the workspace. This line thinkers argue that the environment acts as a catalyst of behaviors, inducing or inhibiting action determined the.

If certain company already carries out corporate events as part of the staffing strategy (training, incentive, recognition and reward), make sure that you differential will yield competitive advantage. It is known that the events, for lead developers to a differentiated environment, lower resistance levels, facilitate communication and ensure better receptivity of the participants in relation to the goals and objectives of the company. In addition, developers have the clearance necessary to reflect on the issues presented and take advantage of the benefits of information exchange among peers.

But, the reflection should go beyond. So, the question is: your company has achieved the objectives and goals establishing for each event?

As sales manager of the Aguativa Golf Resort-PR (, that has a Convention Center, read daily with entrepreneurs who wish to perform events. In General, percebo uma grande preocupação com o conteúdo e pouca importance para a influência que o ambiente exerce sobre os resultados. With that phrase does not mean that the content is not relevant. Just call attention to the fact that great ideas do not achieve the expected results because they had not been planned and presented in favorable environments.

See the example of a company that puts the interaction between members of the team as a goal. However, hire a room "adapted" for events, Choose Assembly in Auditorium format, prepares long exhibition contents (without openness to discussion), places only 10 minutes for coffee break, find it expensive to invest in a cocktail, does not provide interactive activities outside the training room and meals and nights free. Now, No matter how good is the content of the lecture, I think unlikely that the objective established is reached in this context. And the worst: imagine the time, the money and energy that was wasted.

But, What to do to improve? I suggest we look at the matter from the perspective of Americans, world champions of productivity and performance. For them, the secret is in the clear definition of objectives and the detailed planning, considering all the critical success factors.

So, for those wishing to carry out corporate events more productive, seguem algumas Tips:

  1. Define clearly the goals, goals and expectations. This is without doubt the most important, because it defines the most suitable location since until the activities and resources. Be careful with the abstractions. There are several books that guide on the correct way of setting goals and objectives.
  2. Describe precisely the target audience profile. Without this understanding, It will be very difficult to make decisions probes.
  3. Do the formal planning, in writing. Events involve lots of details. If you do not have expertise or time, procure ajuda de um Professional e nunca se esqueça dessa máxima: in events, the details make all the difference! Putting the most programming (timetables, activities, locations, recursos e other) and don't forget to think it creatively. Remember that there are more effective and fun ways that Power Point to pass a message.
  4. Observe the absorption capacity of the contents. Cut the coffee break or a hosting daily to "optimize the time" doesn't pay.
  5. Establish ways of checking during the event, so much for the contents for the purposes. It is a great mistake to expect the assessment questionnaire or the result of sales at the end of the year, for example, to determine whether the objectives have been achieved. The Phillips ROI methodology applied to events is excellent for this type of evaluation.
  6. Only after that go to the choice of location and other suppliers. The site must offer spaces, structures, equipment, persons and services able to meet all your goals.
  7. Make inspection visits in selected locations and discuss all the planning with supplier. Stop with this whole "holding out" for not being charged and remember that expensive is what does not contribute to the achievement of the objectives.
  8. Have a checklist of items to be checked during the inspection visit: conditions for access to the site, lighting, ventilation, HVAC, equipment, TEAL and other areas. Dim lighting, for example, cause drowsiness and dispersion. Loud sound generates irritation. All this has to be thoroughly evaluated and discussed before the signing of the contract.

In short, Don't be lazy to assess environmental conditions and select spaces that offer favorable conditions for achieving the proposed objectives. Remember that this factor influences directly and strongly to perception of the message and, Consequently, the desired result. Observe these tips certainly will ensure better results and higher productivity for your next event.


*Thais Berbert

Commercial Manager of Aguativa Golf Resort

Bachelor of tourism and hospitality by UNIVALI (SC)

Specialist in planning and management in tourism (SC)

MBA in Marketing from FGV

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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