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Study carried out recently by Corporate Research Ideafix vouched for the leadership of Canada's most sought-after countries ranked by the Brazilian exchange students interested in language courses, high school, programs of work e cursos de férias. The United States remained in second place for the undergraduate or graduate.

Intercambio EstudantilBut the novelty, even, is the list of the new most wanted destinations for anyone who wants to study abroad, that includes the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, South of Italy; the New Zealand and South Africa exoteric; and China.

All they reserve good programs of study, beautiful landscapes and attractions to suit all tastes; and will certainly render unique experiences, unforgettable and highly productive.

But before you get excited and start making plans and study tours, the most important thing is to organize the documentation to get the visa to study abroad.

Among the areas cited, USA, Canada and China require a visa for entry to foreigners. In South Africa and New Zealand the requirement exists for courses with more than 90 days. Already the United Kingdom and Malta open the possibility of obtaining an authorisation upon arrival in the country.

But not always the visa request should be seen as an uphill task, that will take a long time, já que isso não acontece quando os viajantes contam com a orientação e acompanhamento de companies especializadas.

With seven years of experience in the business, the Director of Infovistos, Alexandre Luis Pedrosa, makes it clear that the company will forward all process steps, Since the filling requirements, payment of fees, interviews and schedules, the most important, will instruct about the documentation required for everything to be within the parameter for the visa approval. “Tudo isso gera safety e comodidade que fazem a difference para quem vai viajar.”, ensures Alexander.

To start the process, travelers must have a passport with validity of at least 6 months, photo with white background 3×5 cm and copy of ID CARD. After that, the tests will be decisive for visa approval, According to the requirement of the destination country.

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