Cloud management will dominate the corporate market

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Reference in the SaaS market (Software as a service) Since 2007, and adapting to a market demand, The Informant has been consolidated as a major developer of cloud management solutions for corporations. The bet of the company follows optimistic data from IDC Brazil, que aponta que as instituições brasileiras investirão 257 millions of dollars in cloud computing, only in 2013. The sport is gaining more and more space in the corporate world, Thanks to the ability to access files and perform numerous tasks via the internet.

Computacao NuvemAccording to the IDC, SaaS software receive 109 millions of dollars of 257 millions invested in cloud computing. In this way, the proposal of the directors of the Informant is using this type of service to provide a more customized solutions differential, adequando o dia a dia da empresa às facilidades oferecidas pela technology como um todo. Among the services offered by the Informant in the SaaS market, the Cloud Management is based on the principle that the entities, regardless of segment operating, need constant monitoring and computational elasticity for achievement of success.

With this, cloud management assists in the management of the assets, além de implantar o growth elástico da nuvem, fixing possible failures and increasing the effectiveness during the use. The architects responsible, that make up the team of Informant, estão aptos para utilizar diferentes technologies de computação em nuvem, Since the deployment, to maintain and gain scale.

"Opt for a cloud Management is an extremely cost effective solution. In addition to eliminate operational overhead, Since the company does not need physical space to store or access data, We always work in order to eliminate the need for licensing for use of the software, further reducing the operating expenses of each client ", Finalizes the founding partner of Informant, Piero Contezini.

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