When the company comes to an end

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If there are grounds upon which the partners have difficulties commenting and plan rules, certainly the separation is included. After All, It's rare for someone to assemble a society, invest time, energy and capital and, at the same time, think about how the same ends.

Socios Sociedade LimitadaNormally it tends to get forgotten or untouched on a corner. However, as much as the partners avoid touching the subject, experience has shown that separation of partners or end of society is an important part of the relationship and should be treated with seriousness and good dose of planning.

There are several reasons that lead to separation between partners. Comprehensively, We can say that the time to leave is when the synergy disappears or when the balance in the society ceases to exist. Is the time when you can't avoid conflicts due to differences between managers.

To achieve that a society is balanced and mutually-reinforcing manner, It is necessary to work on aspects such as functional complementarity, personal plans, business plan, Division of labor, Division of capital, dedication, estilo gerencial e uma série de other fatores que devem ser conciliados de forma a gerar trabalho coordenado a favor de objetivos comuns e prevenção contra conflitos, This is, balance and synergy.

On the other hand, When these factors come into imbalance (for various reasons), can become grounds for separation or the completion of the society. The symptom may come for an internal conflict in the press or by changes in the course of each partner's personal life. Regardless of the fact generator, the result is partial loss of synergy.


Some symptoms are detectable and may indicate a negative trend for society:

- Change of expectations: If for any reason the partners are no longer attuned as to what to expect from the company, the differences could lead to the end of society.
- Misunderstanding generated by the lack of previous discussion: When you're not paying attention to the day-to-day dialogue and let build up unresolved issues, the sum of the disagreements can lead to separation.

- Management breakdown: quando um dos sócios gestores não tem condições de aproveitar as opportunities da empresa e nem se dispõe a reciclar, insisting on the same modus operandi years, There are the obvious risk of friction or need for changes.

- Lack of successors and retirement can also be decisive factors for the decision of separation.


Whatever the reason, or reasons for separation, It is worth highlighting that its rules, such as valuation of equity interest of a shareholder withdrawing, terms of payment, succession from Office and other related must be provided for in the agreement of Shareholders or shareholders, avoiding the discussion of rules in awkward moment, i.e., with the game em andamento.

Ressalto ainda a importance de se planejar a parte prática da separação, i.e., the separation plan, which should foresee events and deadlines, such as transmission do cargo, internal public announcement (employees) and external (customers, suppliers, banks and other) assertively, among other matters, causing a positive effect of the whole process and shielding the company's operations.

For all this, never forget: planning the separation of the partners is also part of the management of the company.

* About the author: José Carlos Ignacio is a founding partner of JCI Acquistion, graduated in business administration and an MBA and Postgraduate. It is also a speaker and has appeared in merger and acquisition processes and relationship of Partners in several national and multinational organisations. Author of the newly released book every relationship between partners can be improved (Anadarco Publisher). Site: -Email:

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