Facebook at work: Allow or deny?

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Facebook has already entered in the daily routine and that we all know. The problem is when you think your business is beginning to be undermined by employees who won't stop navigating. What to do? Allow access or veto in the company the use? A survey conducted by research firm and market monitoring Hibou in partnership as application PiniOn, with the participation of 2.362 Iphone users around the Brazil reveals surprising data. Between various data, the survey reveals that only 1% of respondents did not have the Face application on your smartphone.

Facebook LikeFacebook all day

78% of respondents use Facebook for personal matters against only 1% using professionally. "What more called us attention was that 95% users access several times a day and just 48% post content daily, i.e., people like to be connected and see what friends and acquaintances are posting all the time, "says Ligia Mello, partner of Hibou and research coordinator. Already 69% replied that are typically enjoy and comment posts during the day and 96% I think there is no way to cancel your Facebook account.

Turbulent zone: relationship status

The subject "relationship status" on Facebook is controversial. Some prefer not to make it clear, others want to "throw open" and show that they are with their partners. 38% If they say singles on social network, followed by 30% with serious relationship, 26% married, 5% engaged and only 1% they say in rolled-up relationship. As for friends, the average was 652, the least of which was 1 friend and the maximum 5000 (limit on Facebook).

"We realized that 95% Add friends who primarily know in real life and the profession appears as 2nd motivated with inclusion 44%.The curious thing is that 5% admitted that add friends to increase the amount in your profiles, without worrying about the origin of the profile "says Marcelo Bajrami, partner of Hibou.

Order of friendship

56% of respondents remove friends from their profiles when they comment or post something offensive. Not knowing the person appears in 2nd place as reason for cancellation, with 45% of responses. Posts and comments of depressive character are responsible for the order of friendship by Facebook to 32%. 18% do not have the habit of cleaning your list of friends on FB.

From the big screen to the small screen

With 75% of responses, the smartphone and mobile are the major means of access to Facebook. Na sequência tem-se o laptop e o notebook with 14%, desktop with 5%, tablets 4% and 2% access for ipod touch. "In addition to this migration of telonapara to small screen, We have seen that 59% users consider the network a good means to read news, even reading in a more compact "screen, Ligia says. Access usually happen to 96% of respondents when they're at home, followed by 72% you usually access in public places and 62% at work.

Enjoying pages of brands and products

Research shows that the main reason to have a page for keep informed about the subject it represents (80%). Já a descontração com humor e entertainment aparece em 2º lugar com 69%, followed by brands and products of everyday use (48%). When you are browsing around Face, most clicks on ads always available against 33% that clicks from time to time and 8% that do not have this habit.

"The relationship of the marks with his followers is careful, because a lot of propaganda (22%) and irrelevant content (49%) can cause the user to follow. The balance between information and promotions it is essential to retain this user. " Explains John Paul, the PiniOn. other reasons cited for failing to follow an scores were: 11% by few promotions and benefits, 9% many publications by day and 9% for repeated content.

Integration with other social networks

Devido às muitas opções de applications, questioned the issue of integration. 63% integram seus Games e aplicativos dentro do Facebook. For example: 78% of respondents using Instagram integrated with Face. In this integration, 33% always "loga" on websites and applications with the care of the Face, being 47% sometimes, 13% rarely and only 7% never "logged in" in other applications with the account.

Facebook REHAB?

Almost half of users want to disconnect any longer. "We asked the respondents about the future compared to Facebook and 40% assumed that they want to reduce the time you spend connected. 36% Conversely prefer increase your uptime. Only 1% stated that you want to cancel the account ", Ligia says.

About Hibou

The Hibou is a company specializing in market research and monitoring. From the French word "OWL", the Hibou brings the meaning of looking beyond 180°. The company has as main differential insertion of search results within the day to day consumer, proposing far beyond the objective result, suggestions of developments and approaches. MaxHaus, Gafisa and the Argentine Insurance Group Sancor, are some of the customers of Hibou, offering qualitative research, quantitative; exploratory; depth; of field; client duble; deskresearch; datamining; and behavior monitoring; brand presence; region expansion (monitoring master plan); expansion of market for products and services; product testing and consumer habits.

About PiniOn

Founded in January 2013, o PiniOn é uma plataforma que combina technology mobile e o crowdsourcing, that captures the opinion about brands and various themes as well as creative insights your users during the time of consumption. Through the mobile application, companies provide users with missions that generate rewards participants, According to the complexity of each activity. The PiniOn enables decision makers of companies may have a dynamic vision and proceeds from consumer opinion and its stakeholders, and provides data for companies that can be decisive in the development of their strategies . The platform already has 17 thousand registered users and more than 70 thousand missions approved.

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