ERP: What is more important in choosing a business management system?

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When I have some electrical or hydraulic problem in house, I call Mr Chico. The service price is R $ 220,00 per day. Not cheap. But he makes the repair done right and fast. If you looked, encontraria outro Professional por até menos de R$ 100,00 per day. Then, Why don't you do it?

Sistema ErpThere Are other motivos que determinam a minha escolha. He is experienced in the profession, complies with the word, come on hour combined, suggests Exchange with a convincing explanation. Can't leave him alone because I don't let dirt over the floor, test and survey to leave everything running smoothly.

The same example of the electrician can be used for the purchase of other products or services, between the business management system. A survey conducted by Choosing an ERP System, with companies in the implementation phase of an ERP system for the first time, ranked the priority factors as follows:

1) System price;

2) Ease of deployment;

3) Operating facility;

4) Qualidade;

5) Features;

6) Use of hardware;

7) Potencial de growth do fornecedor;

8) Quality of support and technical assistance;

9) Documentation, System manuals;

10) Experience and tradition in the supplier market.

Analyzing, We realize that the six items considered most important are related to the product. The price was considered the most important factor, more than quality, He held the fourth place, and functionality of the system, in fifth. Os fatores relacionados ao fornecedor não tiveram nenhuma importance na hora de escolher um ERP. The price and the attributes of the software determined the supplier.

The same survey was conducted with a group of companies that deployed the system a second time. The answers have changed dramatically:

1) Quality of support and technical assistance of the supplier (I was in 8th place)

2) Experience and tradition in the supplier market (It was the last placed)

3) System quality (is closely related to the quality of the supplier);

4) Growth potential of the supplier (long-term vision)

5) System price (It was the 1st placed)

6) Documentation, System manuals;

7) Features;

8) Operating facility;

9) Ease of deployment;

10) Use of hardware.

For companies who have gone through the experience of being user, having worked with ERP, the "supplier" of the system, i.e., the quality of the support and technical assistance, reliability, experience, tradition in the market were the most important factors in deciding the selection of an ERP. The attributes of the supplier have become the most important even more than the price and quality of the software. The supplier went on to determine the choice of the system.

We conclude that my choice for Mr Chico is correct. Choose a supplier that has reliability, quality service combined with the users experience aiming at long-term partnership. Proceeding in this way, You'll find the system that will provide the best return on investment due to longevity and reliability in system utilization.

Strategies that prioritize the price factor only and not consider the ERP system supplier may bring more problems ahead, causing damage and operating disorders. This applies to all kinds of selection: Since raw material supplier, products, sistemas e serviços em General.

Orlando Oda is business administrator, Master's degree in financial management from FGV and President of the AfixCode Group.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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