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Planos EconomicosWas scheduled to happen this week the trial of actions that question on savings account losses arising from plans Bresser, Summer, Collor I and Collor II, they were active between the years of 87 and 91. The discussions began in November 2013 with oral Party supports, but it's still required the voting phase of the Ministers, marcada primeiramente para março e agora adiada mais uma vez pelo Supremo Tribunal Federal.

By Dr. Luciano Duarte Peres

There is an expectation of resuming this trial for the day 28 may, Since I was scheduled to happen day 21 This month, but the rapporteurs were asked to remove the stock theme of the agenda. Are almost 400 thousand processes on economic plans with processing suspended in various courts since 2010. All await a decision by the SUPREME COURT.

These economic plans were created with the attempt to contain hyperinflation, changing the calculation of the monetary restatement of balances of savings. The argument of the authors of the actions is that there have been losses and that people want to receive the corrected values based on inflation.

Caso o tribunal understand que o percentual utilizado pelos planos foi correto, many savers will not be entitled to receive anything. In this case, o Supremo Tribunal Federal poderá avaliar o que fazer com quem já recebeu money dos bancos, por decisão de other courts. If the index used is considered irregular, should be stipulated as the payment of savings balances correction. That's a risk pointed to by the federal Government to the financial system, with shrinkage prediction in credit if savers are beneficiaries.

Dr. Luciano Duarte Peres é especialista em direito bancário e presidente do Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor Bancário

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