Money: the taboo subject

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Conversar sobre money com a naturalidade com que se fala sobre clima, sports or politics makes people deal better with their finances and, Consequently, thrive. However, due to culture, shame of incomes and fear of kidnappings or relatives loan seekers, o assunto é tabu entre as famílias brasileiras.

By Fabio Araujo *

In most residences prohibits the subject come up. Ask the father or the mother how much gain is considered rude. As there are often debts and lack of money, the subject becomes unpleasant. Many say that the family moments are to relax and enjoy. However, the less you know about home finances, the greater the nervousness when they have to deal with the reality of Auditors, bank balances, loans and investments.

The inclusion of the topic in everyday conversations makes the subject becomes commonplace and the reactions to the subject are serene. Is through chats, you learn and you can increase the financial life. The neighbor can talk about the interest rate you pay on your credit card, the colleague from the Office gives a hint about investment funds, the daughter has an idea about energy saving electric and so on. If you don't talk about the subject, you're trapped in a bubble of financial ignorance, and, Therefore, Unable to intelligently manage their resources.

Another factor that causes the issue is not part of the elevator chat is often confused with personality the salary received. Those who, at that moment, earn less, feel ashamed and humiliated, While those with a high income are considered arrogant and overbearing. Creates a psychological armor that prevents the emergence of conversations. When passing to consider that money is unlinked from the personality, It flows naturally. As someone who read the prediction of climate talks to bring a jacket, because the temperature can fall apart, someone with financial intelligence can alert you that some action is a bargain on the stock exchange.

In addition, When you constantly talk, financial goals are easier to achieve. Similar case occurs in sports. Just as the father asks the son swimmer as are the workouts and what was the time achieved in last race, the same can occur on the "savings fund for travel" of family. It can be exciting to know that the Fund grew and which will give to stay at a top hotel, or discover that a colleague has indicated an agency that offers or promotions, still, There is a discount if the trip is paid before the date of departure. In this way, the ease in achieving the goals is greater when the subject comes up naturally.

On the other hand, much of the reluctance to engage on the topic is related or to fear of muggings and kidnappings or the fear that relatives and friends start asking for loans and donations. The concerns are natural and valid. However, with common sense it is possible to talk routinely about the subject and avoid disadvantages. Ideas about funds, rates, insurance and theories can be blown to the four winds. It matters how values, cifras e saldos bancários podem ser restritos ao círculo familiar mais next e aos amigos de confiança. Like this, sticks-if the bubble of isolation before the world of money and avoids that increase the chance that annoyances happen due to the fact prosear on the topic.

Therefore, the insertion of the theme "money" in day to day conversations enables Brazilian families to create knowledge and to better manage your finances. With the passage of time and normally, the nervousness before it dims. In addition, You can separate what is a conversation of a trial of his own personality. With a little common sense, evita-se que sejam atraídos problems como roubos ou pedidos de empréstimos. In this way, When you add a new topic on the list of usual conversations, a chance to thrive financially increases, even with certain amount of interest.

* Fabio Araujo is author of the book "Society of Fortune", Most active Publisher, e especialista em educação financeira. Has a degree in business administration from FGV-SP, made a career in the financial market and currently works at the Central Bank.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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