Benefits of LED technology for lamps

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LedsThe LED system – Light Emitting Diode in English – led is an electronic component, Semiconductor, when subjected to electrical energy, emits radiation in the form of light.

Lamps and LED lamps are more efficient, last longer and still are sustainable, Why don't pollute the environment. Another plus point is that the maintenance becomes smaller, Since the useful life of the products is around 30 thousand hours, compared with a maximum 6 thousand hours of a compact fluorescent lamp. When comparing with incandescent bulbs, LED products use only between 10 and 15% of energy, generating a significant savings when it comes to consumption, coming up 80%. In addition, they don't heat up, being ideal for air-conditioned environments, reducing the consumption of the appliance.

The Taschibra did investments in industrial park, and part of its production of luminaires is LED. The prospect of the company is that the national production of luminaires PRIME LED still in 2014 reach 40% of total production.

The first appeared in LED 1962, developed by engineer Nick Holoniak Jr. and produced solely in red color. After years of research were released in green and yellow, used as indicator lights in many fixtures. After a large technological evolution, was developed the blue LED, bringing the desired white colour by combining the red LED, Green and blue. The white LED, How do we find today was developed by combining the blue with a phosphor layer.

Today, além da iluminação é possível encontrar other produtos com LED, as televisions, for example.

Light up your life with style and efficiency

The row LED the Taschibra merges differentiated design, with efficiency, quality lighting, trazendo ainda economia de energia e sustentabilidade.

Estes produtos são fáceis de instalar e podem ser utilizadas para iluminação General, of everyday life in homes and businesses or smaller, as for example to highlight.

Destaques the technology LED

• Reduced energy consumption
• Long durability
• Low maintenance
• Environmentally friendly
• Has no mercury
• Low amount of radiated heat
• Do not send infrared and UV radiation
• High quality of light
• Instant Ignition
• High color rendering index
• Rapid return on investment
• Low operation voltage
• Resistance to impacts and vibrations

About Taschibra:

The company is a natural Taschibra Indaial, City in Thanks Catarinense European, with 19 years in the market, working in the area of illumination. Is one of the biggest industries in the business in Latin America with a mix of 5 thousand products distributed in the segments of Home Center, Electrical Construction Material/Material/Specialized Shop, Supermarket/Bazaar and Corporate B2B. The industry has more than 600 employees and 200 representatives. She is also present as exporter and produces annually about 4,5 millions of lamps.

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