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Carreira ProfissionalStart a professional career has its challenges. Not enough the whole scenario faced-that, many times, can make you feel “Rowing against the tide”, There is also internal factors, psychological (behavioral and emotional) You can even make us retreat at certain times.

*By Gisele Meter

I remember once, in an outburst of existential crisis I've wondered: I wonder if I can handle this? I'm even able to achieve these results? Despite being negative thoughts, and know that we must focus on the solution and not the problem, I just couldn't keep them out of my head. All these ideas not only weakness, but also brought plenty of anguish and dismay: I didn't feel like giving continuity to my projects, finding even that was too much for me. Was, then, that one day, talking with a good friend who I haven't seen in a while, I realized when I believed in myself, Although often not realized that. In a quick casual reunion conversation he told me: AND, you, Warrior, continues with the same energy as always? I always knew you would wash away! Those words filled me with hope and made a difference so I could understand that it was time to resume the same spirit and thinking differently.

And that's why I decided to speak to you, young professional, What I wish they would have told me when I started my career. Are Tips e conselhos que espero que possam contribuir para seu development, but most of all for your personal empowerment:

1 – Behave like a winner: Be audacious! For more daring as it may seem, behave like a winner, the posture we adopted is responsible for the State of mind that directly influence the thought. Believe you can accomplish what you want to, without arrogance, but so honest and true, design your future, without the possibility of dreaming, There is no chance of realization, so I also dream, sonhe, dream…

2 – Need to dream and also perform: The dream to be good must bring the motivation and willingness to perform. It's what moves you and makes you want to make it happen! Find a way to make your dream a reality, start writing about it. Make a good plan of action, verifique as possibilidades e opportunities viáveis, insist, change the route, redo the strategy and don't get discouraged! If this happens, remember the reasons they did get far.

3 – Be bold: Strengthening the Council, because I believe that people held in their careers, couldn't this be adjuncts of own history. Many may say that building a career is hard and that might bring with it the fear of failure. A Council: forget the second part! As hard as it is, When we fight for something we believe in the challenges become our achievement medals.

4 -Insist and find new paths: There are many ways to achieve a goal, think of me: What are the ways to get to your House? I'm sure there is only a. It may be that some of them take longer than the other, but the end result is the same. So learn, It's not because you failed in a way that will leave everything as it is. Find a form, find a way, use creativity, change the direction, but don't hold back ever!

5 -Believe in yourself: Nobody's going to believe in your potential, If you do not first. If you take it seriously, mostre aos other o profissional que você é. Don't sell yourself short, or if minimize. Defend your ideas, fight for your ideals. Stamp your foot if you have to. And above all, If position as I would like to be seen. Always remember a sentence written by a teacher in the first sheet of my notebook, When I was about 10 years of age and believe that fits very well here: “Shine a little light today, who loves the stars, one day becomes one of them”.

6 – Do not be grieved with the future: Okay you have no guarantees, I'm going to tell you a secret… Nobody has! What today may seem right, tomorrow might not be anything. Face your fears, design your destiny, only in this way you will be able to grow as a person and as a professional. And if you fall, get up and try again, one hour life tires to kick balls.

7 -Be prepared: Being prepared doesn't mean that you should be 100% ready, that will never happen! Although it seems the same thing, When we think about professional postures, There is a subtle difference, isto acontece porque estamos sempre em development, always learning something new. We are unfinished beings. In my point of view, be ready indicates that you have available, focus and energy to move on and so, seeking knowledge, accept criticism and be strong for then go improve every challenge, while thinking about being ready, implies an excessive perfectionism, What, Consequently, promotes insecurity of “I still have something”.

8 – Be optimistic: Don't think this is a “cliché”, don't bother with what the others will think. The world is already full of pessimism and negativity that honestly, I haven't found a better way of looking at things, If not with optimism! This really changes our Prism in front of situations. Be optimistic, silly or not innocent. Be realistic, but whenever anything can have a positive solution.

9 -Learn from your mistakes: Little learned with success. Grow even in adversity. Here is another thought that makes perfectionists squinting and snorting heavily. But, the fact is that this is a true, Okay, It may not be a great wonder Err, but since this happened, Why not take advantage of this situation also? Search get good experiences of your mistakes, find a way to overcome with the teachings of shortcomings. Don't shoot, straight ahead, but don't forget what happened.

10 – There is no age to be an inspiration: Regardless of your age seek partnerships, find people who can help you, but don't forget to also be the support of someone. Inspire others, be the example, don't bother thinking that is “very new to this”, There is no right age to be inspiration of someone. As says Içami Tiba: "who teaches, also learns ". And I add: "who inspires is also inspired".

And finally, all information is valid. Open your mind, because what you learn now will be useful in future, If you have creativity. Think outside the box and know that everything depends on the time and the results you want to achieve.

Learn as much as you can and try to login to your learning, without the knowledge logic is loose and end up losing.

I don't follow all the others speak, analyze the context, the situation, trust your intuition and also on your right, Depending on the moment. Who makes the choices of your life is you. Knowledge is important, but it's not everything! Take care of your health and appearance. Learn to speak in public and think strategically. As for the money, of course this is important and you should find a way to win it, but does not live only for him.

I wish you much focus and disposition, but most of all will to win!

Make your story and don't retract, I believe in you!

About Gisele Meter

Gisele Meter is a psychologist (CRP 08/18389), businesswoman, Executive Director of human resources, speaker, strategic consultant in personnel management and organizational change management. Columnist for portals and sites aimed at female audiences and Directors, She is also the creator of Life ® – Female leadership development Strategic leaders in enterprises.

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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