Knowledge makes the difference even in job interviews, expert says

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Autoconhecimento AtepassarThe difficulty in answering the simple question "who am I?"points out in many people the lack of self-knowledge. And blocking in talking about you, of their expertise and the very existence brings to disorders for career, de acordo com o especialista em orientação Professional Maurício Sampaio*.

"Today, in job interviews, possess self-knowledge is equal or more valuable than having a good university degree ", says.

Saab believes that the explanation lies in the fact, in our culture, not be encouraged to this "exhibition". "If we talked about at school we are same, We're labeled a show-off. AND, in the enterprise, of doing. "

The expert says that discovering what we have good and that could be valuable to other people is the way to success.

"How many people do you know that are great, competent, but not emplacam, will not forward? And I wonder why some stand out among so many with the same training? Certainly the self-knowledge is one of the explanations. But if it's not autoconhecer just saying if you think good this and that, and Yes also know their personal boundaries. "

Technique autoconhecer

THE tool SWOT – significado de Strengths (Forces), Weaknesses (Weaknesses), Opportunities (Opportunities) and Threats (Threats) -is widely used by companies and, According to Saab, can help you in the search for self-knowledge.

Confira as Tips de Maurício Sampaio para fazer essa atividade:

- Take a sheet and fold in four parts. In the first, write "forces", e, beside, "Weaknesses". Below "forces", put "Opportunitieand", e, in the latter part, "Threats".

- Fill out the parties doing the following questions:

. "What are my strengths?” (i.e., what you do so well?)

. "What are my weaknesses?” (aspects that need to be improved)

. "What are my chances?” (where its forces can be useful)

. "What are the threats?” (what you need to pay attention)

"This exercise is powerful and can greatly help people on building your personal brand and positioning. Many with which I performed this activity if they felt safer in time for a job interview, When making a CV and prospect on social networks, for example ", Saad says.

About Maurício Sampaio

Is educator, speaker, writer, coach and founder of InstitutoMS of Coaching. Possui pós-graduação em educação pela PUC-SP e especialização em orientação profissional para adolescentes e em Pensamento Estratégico e Gestão de Pessoas pela FGV. He was the Coordinator of programs for Youth of the Government of the State of São Paulo and was maintainer and principal. Has published the books "right choice", "Positive Influence – Parents & Kids: building a successful future "and" Career Coaching ". Site:

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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