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Internet LentaYou can have the best internet data plan that your carrier provides, but be aware that this time the World Cup there will be data traffic slowdowns.

*By Dr. Luciano Duarte Peres

In Brazil there was reinforcement of 2 g antennas, 3G and 4 g, but with the influx of people is practically impossible to avoid the congestion of lines. Think of the problem as we have during Christmas and new year's Eve, now remember we have thousands of more people, causing an overload in the system.

The Chief Executive of Sindtelebrasil, Eduardo Levy, announced in the Folha de Sao Paulo that fans may take longer than you would like to publish pictures in stadiums, ter uma difference de quatro minutos no tempo que gastaria normalmente. Strengthening of Wi-fi? Only in half of the arenas, being Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus and Cuiaba. Nos other locais houve um impasse nas negociações que impediram a instalação de antenas e um alívio para nossas operadoras.

For anyone who depends on the services of internet and telephony, worth the advance guidance as necessary, Since people will shoot much more than talking and, in this case, photography consumes much more data than voice service.

The residents of Curitiba and São Paulo must worry about much more than in other locations, since they are considered the worst cases. In some areas the signal is non-existent. Outra situação é que com tanto tráfego de dados e com horários de trabalho diferenciado por conta dos Games, many networks of companies can be unstable.

Esse cenário se deve em muito à falta de infraestrutura em telecomunicações motivada pela ausência de interesse do Poder Público em estimular o seu growth. Similarly the private initiative has been deficiênte, not offering essential services of quality and effective, as in the case of mobile telephony and data transfer. In Brazil, the total revenue of the Federal Government, very little is destined to the infrastructure, Unlike countries that aim at the long-term future.

If consumers have any type of irregularity in the services provided by telephone companies, whether in relation to the transfer of data or links, the consumer may submit a complaint in writing on the website of the national agency of Telecommunications – ANATEL ( You can also submit a complaint in writing to the PROCON of your municipality shall notify the undertaking to provide information. Also it is recommended, in more severe cases, consumers seek out the assistance of a lawyer or public defender to examine the possibility of joining a lawsuit.

Dr. Luciano Duarte Peres é especialista em direito financeiro e presidente do Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor Bancário

In Ivaiporã-PR, Computer engineer, Workgroup Administrator Tips in General. Passionate about technology and Informatics.

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