Small and medium-sized enterprises Should invest in Internet

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marketingUnfortunately, ainda existem empresas pequenas que pensam que o Marketing na Internet é um custo e não um investimento.

Yes, If it is poorly done, is a cost. But, done well, is one of the best investments you could make.

Today, He said a company:

"We are too small to be interested in Internet Marketing"

I was laughing when I did a Google search for "marketing is very expensive"and I saw that the second result had the words:

"We are a company too small to do marketing; Do marketing is very expensive; Marketing is advertise in magazine, certain?”

Image of the Result

Might as well have been written by the company with whom I spoke today! But it was not. Is a link that deals with a theme similar to this article.
In times of crisis the most important things to do are ...

  • Increase the amount of advertising that your company does
  • Increase your visibility on the internet
  • AND, at the same time, pay less

Companies in Europe are investing increasingly in Internet advertising (article in English).
It's easy to understand why.

I'm going to use, as an example, a recent experience my:

There are two or three months decided to advertise in a magazine – one of the cheapest but, at the same time, with good circulation. How many companies / do you think people have contacted me through this ad?

Zero! :shock:

I Paid 330 £ for him (and it was a special offer – typically paid more!).

As for my online ads, contactam-me frequentemente pessoas a quererem mais informação sobre os meus services. And how much do you get paid for it?

Some eurozinhos per week! :cool:

Investing in Online advertising is cheaper

If it were possible to "pay per call" when it advertises in magazines and newspapers, as pay per click on internet, We wouldn't be having this conversation.

What is true is that a magazine, a newspaper, the TV sell ad just. Don't sell the result.

Part of a successful campaign on the Internet is to have relevant ads and well prepared. On AdWords ™ "Índice de Qualidade“.

Citing the Google ™ Help article referenced:

“Regra General, the higher is the quality score, minors will be the costs and the better your ad's position. "

I mean, the more relevant your ads to users, the less you pay per click!

Imagine, only, If that were possible in the papers ... we would have much more interesting ads?

What creates relevant ads on the internet (and a price per click lower) é simplesmente acompanhar o performance das suas campanhas e melhorá-las quando não atingem os esperados resultados.

The only side dish that you can do with an ad in a magazine is "how many phone calls or emails were received today? “.

Follow this statistic only and too expensive for my taste. Is a continuation using only trial and error – an expensive method to use in Marketing.

On the internet you can see, almost immediately:

  • How many visitors had a web site
  • On which pages they were more interested
  • On which pages were less interested
  • On which pages they lost completely interest!
  • Etc.

All, If it is improved, will result in that phone call or email from an interested person, using a systematic method and a thousand times smarter than the "trial and error".

All these points can be improved immediately and without conjecture.

It is important not to Forget the "traditional" Methods

Yes, It is important not to forget the traditional methods – radio, TV, newspapers, phone calls, etc.

But, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the option to invest in Internet Marketing should be very well studied – and seriously considered.

Before the end of the article, I decided to do a search for [small and medium-sized enterprises] on Google.

Guess what was the first sponsored Link that appeared?


I thought that was a great period for this article!

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