Time to compress… RAR or ZIP?

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arquivo-compactadoTime to compress any file, who does better? RAR or ZIP? The blog did a test, You should know the result!

How to make a file of 4,8 GB fit on a DVD 4,4 GB? You've probably been through this situation: have downloaded a large file and for very little you can't burn it to a CD. The simplest way to solve this problem is to compress the file to reduce its size, However depending on the file type and the type of compression you will not have encouraging results.

What we did was simple, baixamos um game of 4,8 GB and with one of the best-known market compactors, WinRAR, the compacted file to the type RAR. The result was a fiasco, the program was able to reduce only 50 MB of the file, passing to 4,75 GB, that means nothing and lose process 1 time to work.

Soon, We try to compress with another well-known program, WinZip. The process was faster, It took 40 minutes, but the result was not expected. The file was also reduced in 50 MB, again we lost time.

And now? What to do? Don't quit, This time we tried to use a compactor less known, 7-Zip, 100% free and in Portuguese. The compression ratio in the new 7z format provides an improvement of up to 50% in relation to the ZIP. This time, Ironically, the 4,8 GB went to 4,78 GB, meager reduction 20 MB, being that it took 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Lost time! We can't write the game!

The 7z does feature a degree better compression than ZIP, We did the test on a single .exe file 21,9 MB, and, surprisingly the file size went to 4 MB, a reduction of more than 50%. In the ZIP format the same file was to 5,6 MB, a MBdifference que parece pequena, but it makes a difference.

The explanation of the difference in compress a game of almost 5 GB and an isolated file 21,9 MB is the file type, that interefe, and at the time of compression. Se você for comprimir uma music ou vídeo por exemplo, the result will not be of the best.

But, There is a program called KGB Archiver, conseiderado the best compactor in the world, He is able to reduce in 90% a file. It is unbelievable! In a test, a file of 449 MB went to 1,47 MB, This means that would fit on a floppy disk, really can't believe. The big problem with this program is that it takes too long, very same compression, being able to reach the 24 horas ou mais dependendo das configurações do computer.

The way to record the game is using some program that divides into several CDs, or if you prefer, use the KGB. Você escolhe se deseja passar horas no computer e conseguir resultados fantásticos ou divir em CDs, that partilcularmente is the best option for home users.

For very large files, use WinRar, WinZIP or 7-Zip. These are the most recommended for home users.

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