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It's getting harder and harder to ignore the offers on the internet. Sometimes, the value is less than the physical store – despite the freight cost-, and the diversity of brands and models present in the options on the network is unmatched. If you're still afraid of shopping online, for any reason, This "manual" the first purchase on the internet can help you make your first purchase on the network. With these tips, You can do Christmas shopping online safely. There's still time!

Check below our "Ten Commandments"to make purchases on the internet.

Chapter 1: THE computer

oculos-segurancaThere are no shopping carts on insecure computer. Have an antivirus installed, updated and perform a full exam before making payment (Why is the payment that some information can be stolen). Não use computers públicos.

At this time, a series of themed scams involving Christmas and end of year circulating on the net: the G1 already showed that circulated last year. These scams take victims to fake Web sites that steal data or contains viruses with the same purpose. Avoid them to keep your computer safe.

Se você vai usar um notebook para a compra, do it at home. Antivirus maker Symantec warns that you need to be careful when typing passwords and bank details in places where it can be seen by strangers. Also do not use public or insecure wireless connections (Here's how to protect your wireless network).

Chapter 2: The store

site-comparacao-precoSymantec gives the following tip: "don't buy into a virtual store that you don't know about or don't have reference. Not based only on the number of positive reviews of users of price research sites, because some stores boost their numbers by creating positive feedbacks commenting on sales that never occurred ".

Another important point – and here the column differs from the recommendation of some security companies – is to ignore any "seal" attesting to the safety of the site. Unable to verify adequately the veracity of the seal, and a fake website can put stamp images without any difficulty. So, Although some stamps are reliable companies or organizations, they still do not have any practical value due to the ease with which can be abused by criminals.

In fact, only legitimate shops – you need to ensure your business and are afraid to suffer processes – is that cannot use the stamps misrepresent.

Try searching the web to find references about the store. Use the hint for this column to verify the registration of the company's CORPORATE. Doing a search for a particular computer program a few weeks ago, the column encountered a site that sold software and that was with the CNPJ irregular for five years.

The service center the security incidents of Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (CAIS/RNP) also gives the following tip: "disreputable sites with good prices too are suspected. You may not receive the product, collaborate with tax evasion or have your financial data used by a third party ".

If you will try to take a chance with a store that still don't know or don't have references-what is not recommended, Indeed –, Watch out for the product you are buying. Some may take it more easily to fraudulent sites and may be preferable to, If you want one of these, to get a purchase in a store more reliable.

Chapter 3: The product
produto-smartphonesAccording to information from CAIS/RNP, popular products such as "MP3 players, digital cameras, smartphones, laptops, TV LCD e navegadores GPS” são iscas comuns para atrair possíveis compradores a lojas fraudulentas, that does not deliver the goods or steal customers data.

That doesn't mean you can't buy these products on the web. You can. But attention is required when making the search for best buy.

Another issue are fake products. A Symantec survey done in partnership with MarkMonitor points out that 24% search results for web products, based on English language sites, lead to sites with fake or pirated products. In the case of jewelry, accessories or handbags "brand".

Whatever the product of your interest, search for prices on several sites, including in specialized sites in this task. Don't limit yourself to only one store. So you are aware of the price of the market and may be suspicious if an offer is "too good".

Chapter 4: The payment

cartoes-credito While you are entering personal data and card, Watch out for the presence of the "security lock". Isso significa que o site está usando a technology SSL para proteger seus dados contra roubo enquanto eles estiveram em trânsito na rede. But important: simply the presence of the security padlock does not guarantee that the purchase will be safe or the store is trustworthy.

For the stores that offer, Courier charge is undoubtedly the safest form of payment. You pay only when you receive the product. Beware of direct debits to the account. According to the CAIS/RNP unauthorized automatic debits are a "common practice".

The credit card has the same security. If you do not receive the product, can contest the invoice with the Bank, stating that never received. This process, known as "chargeback", ensures that you'll get your money back if the merchandise is not delivered. Generates some disorders, but no money is lost.

On the other hand, criminals also can steal the card data if your computer has a virus. If you want to avoid this, You can pay at the Bank. However, in the case of billet, It gets more complicated challenge.

If you prefer, in most cases it is possible to purchase, or at least the payment, through a LiveCD with Linux. This ensures a safe environment for the typing of credit card data.

It is worth remembering that, Once received the product, regardless of the form of payment, You can, by the code of Defense Consumer, ask money back in until 7 days after receipt.

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