Break the seal of a PC breaks the warranty?

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Although the answer obvious perish, many do not know how to proceed and what their rights before the warranty seal. While some users fail to take advantage of the warranty that is right, other negam a manutenção do seu computer por causa de um adesivo sem valor. On of the most different cases, como saber se a garantia do seu aparelho e-mail depende da integridade do lacre e o que fazer para não se prender a ele?

Don't touch if you don't know what you're doing

Before everything, If you do not have more information about the product warranty, don't break the seal! Every owner of new equipment or apparatus which went through some authorized service must make sure that their ideal conditions are fulfilled. Although it is somewhat old, the seal of assurance is currently the most used method.


If it wasn't for him, qualquer um poderia mexer indevidamente no desktop ou no notebook, induce the machine and then resorting to product warranty. On the other hand, the seal also assures the buyer that your appliance came intact to your assembler. So we are sure that no wise-ass had any change in product before he came to our hands.

Whenever you find the warranty seal on your computer, as a precaution, avoid touching him without need. Be careful when cleaning and electronic handling is also important, because a carelessness can cause your machine becomes "changed" before warranty specifications.

When the seal is a guarantee?

Not every sticker pasted in your Office is synonymous with guarantee, your first step is to take a good look at her certificate. According to the State Office of consumer protection and defense of Paraná, PROCON-PR, a seal of guarantee only has value if it is described in your manual with the same manufacturer name. If nothing is cited, então o selo que você encontrou não passa de um adesivo sem qualquer importance.

Possess the seal intact on your computer also does not represent any guarantee. Ensure the unbroken seal is only one of the ideal conditions of use of the product, all of them must be respected so that the user has the right to cover. If any of the terms have been disrespected or the warranty period has been exceeded, so the seal no longer has value.

Among computer assemblers, every company adopts a different system for product warranty. Although a given component can have two years factory coverage, If the automaker opt, the computer as a whole can have six-month guarantee. The owner of the instrument must respect the final terms of guarantee, explains the PROCON-PR.

What if I need to open the machine?

If you gave the certificate of guarantee that the integrity of the seal needs to be respected and even then your machine needs to undergo repairs, before you open it look for contacting your manufacturer.

When you want to change any component or perform an upgrade, the automaker needs to provide for a condition for which the guarantee is not closed with this. After All, is a consumer law make full use of what purchased.

seguranca-arquivosWhen contacted, some automakers opt to send you a letter that describes the reason for and the service procedure adopted. If the user needs to make use of the warranty after that, This should be presented next to the machine with seal broken. Since the machine will not introduce defects on the unsuccessful maintenance, the assurance follows no breaks.

For example, instead of imposing a security seal, DELL creates a document with information from series of all computer components. So the user has total freedom to make changes without breaking the warranty of your product. The company covers only original components if any change made has result in equipment failure.

Care at the time of purchase

When buying products that are still under warranty, are used or new, Verify that the product still has the seal unbroken. In addition to security against possible problems that the appliance can perform, that way the buyer is sure nothing has changed inside the appliance.

Watch out for seals in places barely visible or changes in the integrity of the seal, When in doubt, contact a technician. Now if you're selling a unit still under warranty and with unbroken seal, use that to your advantage. But if the machine has been through some maintenance, Let it clear to the buyer and avoid misunderstandings.

Is user right

According to the Brazilian Institute of consumer Defense, IDEC, companies are entitled to guard against abuses of the buyer, but the user can enjoy fully the product you have purchased. Require the client to do maintenance and upgrades only in authorized assistance features tying case.

As much as the seal has been breached without consent of carmaker, the owner of the equipment can still fight judicially under warranty. But be sure before doing so, so you lose the support of the PROCON and certainly have a lot more work to require assurance that it is right.

Padlock on Chain

Before breaking the seal…Avoid breaking the seal without any real need and look for alternative solutions to your case;

  • Make sure of the existence of a seal of guarantee described in the certificate of the product and if remove it involves breach of warranty;
  • Please contact a representative of the product in your area and find out about the most appropriate procedure;
  • If the product has remained in its ideal conditions of use and presented problems within the warranty period, vindicate their rights.

Many users already felt harmed before the issue of the warranty seal. You've been through some case? Be sure to expose your opinion.

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